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Mekhi Becton Hurt: Latest on New York Jets Offensive Tackle’s Injury Against Buffalo Bills

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Mekhi Becton injured

During the game between the New York Jets and the Buffalo Bills, Mekhi Becton, who plays the team’s offense, was injured and had to leave the field. The exact time when he could return to the game is not yet certain. There is also uncertainty surrounding Tony Adams, another player, and whether he will return to the game.

A big player from college to the NFL

Before joining the NFL, Mekhi Becton had a fantastic time playing college football at the University of Louisville. He is a giant, standing 6 feet 7 inches tall and weighing over 360 pounds. People know him not only for his size and strength, but also for his happy attitude and connection with the team.

The rise of Mekhi Becton in the NFL

In 2020, during the NFL Draft, the New York Jets selected Mekhi Becton in the first round. He quickly showed everyone how good he is, combining strength and quick moves throughout the game. His role in the team is extremely important because he helps protect the defender and creates opportunities for active play.

What’s next for Mekhi Becton?

It’s unclear when Mekhi Becton will return after being injured during the game against the Buffalo Bills. But the Jets really need him. Although he had injuries before, he was always a strong player for the team. His skills are a big part of what the Jets plan for their future games.

Frequently asked questions about Mekhi Becton

Q: When will Mekhi Becton return to action?
A: We’re not sure yet. Doctors are still examining his injury.

Q: What was Mekhi Becton like during his college football days?
A: He was very good at the University of Louisville. He was known for being big and strong.

Q: What does Mekhi Becton do for the New York Jets?
A: He’s a key player on their offensive line. Helps protect the quarterback and creates chances for the run.

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