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Million Dollar Listing client Cailin’s husband is influential in the investment sector

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Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles is back for its 14th season, and episode 2 introduced us to Cailin, a client with famous husband Seth Wunder. Let’s dive into the world of Seth Wunder and discover his influential role in the investment sector.


Who is Seth Wunder?

Seth Wunder, CFA, holds the prestigious position of Chief Investment Officer at Acorns, a California-based financial technology and services company. Acorns specializes in Micro-Investing and Robo-Investing and has gained immense popularity, serving a whopping 4.6 million everyday Americans.

Seth’s investment journey spans over two decades, starting in the late 90s as an equity analyst. Namely, in May 2016 he founded the company black-and-white Capital LP based in Los Angeles, where he exclusively managed a portfolio that at its peak exceeded one billion dollars in assets.


Although Seth has a presence on Instagram, his account remains private, giving us only a limited glimpse into his personal life.

Seth’s wife finds her dream home in a million dollar listing

Cailin, Seth’s wife, decided on an extraordinary dream home — a home once owned by the famous American actress Diane Keaton. In a previous attempt to buy the house, Cailin made an offer but was outbid by another buyer.

Luck smiled on Cailin this time when the Million Dollar Listing agent and her friend Tracy informed her that the house she wanted was back on the market. Tracy knew this home was meant for Cailin, and that was evident when she saw the enchanting rooms for their three children. This sight, along with the home’s allure, prompted Cailin to make an offer of $16.5 million.


Tracy’s high hopes for Cailin

Cailin’s appearance on Million Dollar Listing captivated fans, especially when she shared sweet moments with her beloved cats. An equally impressed Tracy expressed her excitement and said: “We had fun filming this together. After that I told her, ‘If you don’t make your own show out of this, we’re doing something wrong.'”

Tracy firmly believes Cailin is made for television, stating: “She’s great TV. If he doesn’t end up bartending on Watch What Happens Live, I’ll be shocked.”

Perhaps in the not too distant future we could witness Seth Wunder appear on screen alongside his extraordinary wife Cailin.


Seth Wunder’s achievements in the investment sector are nothing short of remarkable. As Chief Investment Officer of Acorns and founder of Black and White Capital LP, he left an indelible mark on the financial world. Meanwhile, Cailin’s journey on Million Dollar Listing not only captivated viewers, but also left a lasting impression on her friend Tracy, who sees great potential for Cailin in the world of television. We eagerly await what the future holds for this dynamic couple in the realms of finance and entertainment.

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