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Mission Raniganj movie released, Jaswant Singh Gill, real family, coal accident. Said- It felt as if father was in the picture, Akshay Kumar has played the role very well.

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The film ‘Mission Raniganj’ has been released in theaters on 6 October. The story of this film is based on the life of mining engineer Jaswant Singh Gill. During a special conversation with Dainik Bhaskar, the real family of Jaswant Singh Gill shared some special things related to his life.

Let us tell you, his family includes his son Dr. Sarpreet Singh Gill, daughter-in-law Harminder Gill, younger son Randeep Singh Gill and daughter Hina Gill. He told about his father that he was a very courageous and fearless person. He always taught us to help everyone.

Akshay Kumar has played the character of Jaswant Singh Gill very well in the film.

Prouder than you can imagine
How proud is Jaswant Singh Gill’s family from the film made on him? On this matter, his elder son Dr. Sarpreet Singh Gill said, ‘We all are feeling more proud than we can imagine.

There is no other tribute higher than the tribute that our father has received through this film.

The son said – We felt as if father was in the picture.

How good is Akshay Kumar in the film? On this, his daughter-in-law Harminder Gill said, ‘Seeing Akshay Kumar, I felt as if he is my father. The way he twirls the bracelet, my father-in-law also used to do the same.

His younger son further told that Akshay Kumar has played exactly the same character as my father in real life. The movie made me quite emotional. We felt as if father was in the picture.

His daughter Hina Gill said, she had heard about dad since childhood that he was very courageous and fearless. Seeing this in the film gave a different feeling.

Praising the character, younger son Randeep Singh Gill said, ‘Akshay Kumar played this character very well. Director Tinu Suresh Desai has also made the film very well. Harminder Gill also praised the film’s director Tinu ji a lot.

Daughter Hina Gill said- I liked his courage and fearlessness the most.

What was the most special thing about Jaswant Singh Gill? Answering this question, daughter Hina said, ‘Papa was very inspiring. Always told to think positive. I liked his courage and fearlessness the most. Younger son Randeep Singh Gill said, ‘Papa was a very good person. He used to say that first of all be a good person. Help people. Don’t leave someone’s side in their bad times, rather stand with them.

The recently released film ‘Mission Raniganj’ is based on the real story of Jaswant Singh Gill. Jaswant Singh Gill was a mining engineer who saved the lives of about 65 workers trapped in a coal mine in West Bengal in 1989. For this he received the Civilian Gallantry Award-Best Life Saving Medal in 1991. Then in 2013 he was also awarded the Life Time Achievement Award.

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