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Mithun’s 1998 action film, C-grade ‘Sholay’, people were shocked after hearing the dialogues, even the name is strange.

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Actor Mithun Chakraborty, famously known as Disco Dancer in Bollywood, gave many hit films during his time. The film ‘Disco Dancer’ released in 1982 made him a star overnight. After this film, he became the first choice of the makers and fans. After the immense success of this film, he never looked back. But there came a period in his career when he had to work in C grade films. Even in the year 1998, he worked in a film which was removed from the screen the very next day of its release.

New Delhi. Bollywood actor Mithun Chakraborty has given many blockbuster films in his career. Today even at the age of 73, he is very active. Now he has also been judging reality TV shows and is continuously working in films. At one time he used to rule the industry. But despite being a superstar, he had to work in C grade films also.

Mithun Chakraborty, known as disco dancer in the industry, may not be working in many films today. But he was a top star of the industry in his time. He has played powerful characters in many blockbuster films. Along with her work, she is also very famous for her dance. His career has been full of ups and downs. In his career, he had to do many such films in which he worked only for the needs of his family. However, those C grade films proved harmful for Mithun’s career.

Whatever work he did before 1993, his character was highly appreciated. People were liking his films. But in his career, he also did many such films which had a great impact on his career, one of them was Dalal. According to media reports, Ayesha Julka’s career graph also started falling from this film itself. Mithun Chakraborty himself had to suffer the consequences of working in this C grade film. He stopped getting work after working in this film.

Similarly, in the year 1998 also, Mithun was seen in a film named ‘Gunda’. Mithun’s work in this B grade film had an impact on his career as well as his image. If media reports are to be believed, it was removed from the screen on the very second day of its release after the girls complained about it. However, later this film was again released in theaters and people also liked it. This is an action film whose dialogues are also quite strange.

Mithun’s film ‘Gunda’ has a prestigious status, this film proved to be the ‘Sholay’ of C-grade cinema. People were left in awe after hearing the characters like Bulla, Pote, Chutiya, Ibu Hatela, Lambu Aata, Kafanchor Neta in this film which deserves a cult status like the classics. Some dialogues were such that you would not be able to stop laughing after listening to them.

Not only the characters of this film but also the dialogues were mind-blowing. ‘My name is grandson. Those who don’t even belong to their father’, ‘My name is Ibu Hatela’, Mother is my witch’s daughter, father is my devil’s disciple, Khayega banana’. It was the dialogues that caught the attention of the audience. Razzaq Khan also played the role of Lucky Chikna in the film. Harish Patel got a different identity by playing the character of Ibu Hatela in this film of Mithun, released in the year 1998.

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