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Mizoram Elections 2023 Rahul Gandhi Slams BJP PM Modi Over Manipur Violence Israel–Hamas War

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Manipur Violence: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, while targeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the Manipur violence, on Monday (September 16) said that he is more worried about Israel. BJP is only working to spread hatred.

Addressing a rally near Raj Bhavan in Aizawl, Rahul Gandhi, who is visiting the state for Mizoram elections, said, “Manipur is no longer one state, but has been divided into two states on caste lines.”

What did Rahul Gandhi say?
Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi said that Congress had taken the initiative to establish peace in the insurgency-hit north-eastern state by signing the peace agreement in 1986. He said, “It is surprising that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Indian government are more interested in what is happening in Israel, but are not concerned about what is happening in Manipur.”

He said that people are being killed in Manipur. Women are being abused.

What did you say about BJP?
Rahul Gandhi said that the Idea of ​​India is to respect each other, be tolerant, learn from each other’s religion and language, but BJP is attacking it. BJP spreads hatred and violence.

Let us tell you that elections will be held in Mizoram in a single phase on November 7. Counting of votes will take place on December 3.

Violence started in Manipur in early May. Hamas had launched a rocket attack on Israel on Saturday (7 October) morning. During this period, Hamas people had also infiltrated. Since then the war between the two continues.

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