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Modi’s ‘historic’ surprise in the new Parliament – Women’s Reservation Bill? pm modi surprise may leads to women reservation bill in special parliament session opnm1

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Even before the start of the special session of Parliament, Prime Minister Narendra Modi mainly said two things. Firstly, it was told that a historic decision is going to be taken in the Parliament session. Secondly, regarding the opposition, there is a lot of time to cry. Meaning, this historic decision can also be such that the opposition can create an issue. It is certain that whatever happens in the new Parliament will be special from the point of view of the upcoming elections.

Most likely to bring women’s reservation bill

There are many issues worth bringing up in the Parliament session. There may be a proposal regarding One Nation, One Election or renaming the country Bharat – but the emphasis should be on something that will be useful in the 2024 elections. That means the issue should be related to public sentiments.

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In Aaj Tak’s Political Stock Exchange survey, people were asked – Should the word India be removed from the Constitution?

In the survey, 26 percent people who supported the opposition answered yes, but 60.2 percent people were not in favor of it, while 13.8 percent people could not give any opinion. Similarly, 50 percent of NDA voters said that this should not happen, but 36.4 percent were also seen in favor of it. Those who could not form any opinion remained 13.3 percent.

From the survey, it seems that the issue of changing the name of the country does not seem to be a profitable deal – in such a situation, it seems more likely that the Women’s Reservation Bill will be brought.

Till now no indication has been made in the government’s agenda regarding the Women’s Reservation Bill, but an indication can definitely be seen in the statement of President Draupadi Murmu. Last week, while addressing the Gujarat Assembly, President Draupadi Murmu had said, ‘When women are excelling in every field… be it science and technology… defense or sports… then even in politics. Their representation should increase. Such things have been happening before also, but this thing is very important before the special session of Parliament.

When Leader of the Opposition Adhir Ranjan Choudhary started wandering a bit during his speech in the Lok Sabha on the first day of the special session, Sonia Gandhi reminded him of the Women’s Reservation Bill. It seems as if Congress also fears that a Women’s Reservation Bill may be brought in Parliament.

Women’s reservation: No one will take the risk of protest

Taking the name of Sonia Gandhi, Congress leader Adhir Ranjan Choudhary demanded that it would be great if the government brings the women’s reservation bill in Parliament this time itself. Even after the all-party meeting, Adhir Ranjan Chaudhary had said, ‘All the opposition parties demanded passing of the Women’s Reservation Bill in this session.’

NCP leader Praful Patel, who has joined hands with BJP in Maharashtra, also said, ‘We appeal to the government to pass the Women’s Reservation Bill in this session… We hope that the Women’s Reservation Bill will be passed unanimously when presented in Parliament. Will go.

When Congress itself is demanding the introduction of Women’s Reservation Bill, then the level of opposition on this issue reduces. And if Congress is to be believed, such a demand has been made by many political parties in the all-party meeting also.

Women’s Bill was passed by Rajya Sabha 13 years ago

The events of the Parliament session of March 2010 also have to be seen once. On March 9, the Women’s Reservation Bill was passed with majority in the Rajya Sabha, but just a day before, a consensus could not be reached in the Lok Sabha – remember that International Women’s Day is celebrated every year on March 8.

Although there were protests, noise and commotion in the Rajya Sabha for two days, but in the end the Women’s Reservation Bill was passed with an overwhelming majority.

The most interesting thing was that 186 members had voted in favor of the Women’s Bill – and only one vote was cast against it. Then BSP had also objected to the temporary nature of the Women’s Bill, and its MPs walked out of the House.

Who is against women’s reservation and why?

When the issue of giving reservation to women arises, many political parties and leaders raise questions that its benefits will be limited to some special classes. There may be a decrease in the political participation of Dalit, backward class and minority women of the country. These leaders demand that seats should be reserved for Dalit, backward class and minority women within women’s reservation. However, there is no provision for this in the Constitution yet.

TMC MP in Lok Sabha Shatrughan Sinha has said, ‘Discussion is happening but it is happening late… Mamata Banerjee was the first to raise her voice… Everyone knows that due to what reasons and people this bill is not meaningful. It happened…we are its supporters.

If we look at the latest statement of JDU leader KC Tyagi, it is clear that despite changing alliances, Nitish Kumar’s party’s stand on women’s reservation has not changed.

KC Tyagi says that JDU has been in favor of giving reservation to weak women. In March 2010, JDU leader Shivanand Tiwari had said that he wanted reservation among reservations. Shivanand Tiwari is currently the leader of Lalu Yadav’s party RJD.

RJD had also then opposed the Women’s Reservation Bill along with Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party. No one has objected to women’s reservation, rather those opposing have raised objections to the nature of the draft.

Then, while starting the debate, Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha Arun Jaitley said that Bharatiya Janata Party supports the bill but what happened in the House is a matter of shame to the country. CPM leader Vrinda Karat was of the opinion that the passing of the bill will further strengthen the country’s democracy.

But the historical opposition on the issue of women’s reservation has been the statement given by socialist leader Sharad Yadav in Parliament in 1997, ‘The bill will benefit only marginalized women… How will marginalized urban women represent us? Sharad Yadav meant the women of the village.

BJP has only one concern

BJP will already be prepared in its mind regarding the Women’s Reservation Bill. He will be worried about only one thing. The way the Congress leadership is urgently demanding to bring the bill in Parliament, the credit for bringing it should not be shared.

In fact, while being Congress President, both Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi had written letters to Prime Minister Narendra Modi advising him to bring the Women’s Bill in Parliament. Sonia Gandhi had written that you bring the bill… you have the majority… and Congress will also support.

In the special session, Congress leader Adhir Ranjan Choudhary was also trying to explain the same – and this along with Sonia Gandhi’s instructions are telling what the Congress is thinking on the issue of women’s reservation.

Women’s reservation is an issue which is related to the votes of half the population. In 2019, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had appealed to the people in his parliamentary constituency Banaras that he wants women to vote more than men and people do not disappoint him. In Gujarat, people accepted his words and made a record of BJP’s victory.

Difficulty seems to be facing Congress. To take credit for women’s reservation along with other fronts, we will have to fight with BJP.

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