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Monday, 16th October tarot rashifal in hindi, Gemini people, Capricorn horoscope, Monday’s horoscope. Gemini people should avoid disappointment, Capricorn people should focus on family responsibilities.

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On Monday, October 16, Aries people should take decisions carefully, otherwise things may go wrong. Gemini people should avoid disappointment. It will be better if Capricorn sign people pay attention to family responsibilities. Know from Tarot card reader Pranitha Deshmukh how the day can be for all the 12 zodiac signs…


Don’t let things get spoiled due to wrong decision. Difficulties may arise regarding planning. Due to fear of others, the things which you have maintained negative opinion about yourself till now will go away. Focus on the goals you want to achieve.

career : People associated with the art field may get a chance to work.

Love : Pay attention to the improvement coming in the relationship. There will be minor difficulties.

Health To get rid of body pain, make yoga a part of your lifestyle.

lucky color : Yellow

lucky number : 1


Try to understand who will support you and who will be against you in difficult times. There will be discomfort in the beginning due to changing relationships with friends. Have confidence that you are selecting qualified people. Will be able to do your work better. Any problem related to property can be solved.

career : Do not compare your work with other people at all.

Love : The ongoing dispute between you and your partner will improve.

Health :Health will be fine.

lucky color : orange

lucky number :4


Think deeply about your goals. Disappointment will have to be avoided. As expected, personal life will prove to be difficult, but this difficulty will last only for some time. Because of the choices you make, the lives of people associated with you will become better. Do not worry about the financial aspect and continue trying as per your capacity.

career :Spend time with people who are dedicated to their career.

Love : Get rid of the influence of old relationship and pay attention towards new relationship.

Health : Lack of sleep will cause laziness and disappointment.

lucky color : purple

lucky number : 2

Cancer – THE SUN

Move forward from the dilemma. be positive. There will be changes in the lives of some people because of you. For now, try to improve yourself. Don’t let yourself become weak because of others. Take the decision which is right for you in any given situation.

career : New work will start. Due to this, economic inflow and enthusiasm will also start increasing.

Love : Positivity regarding partner will increase. Which can bring newness in the relationship.

Health To get rid of skin related disorders, one has to pay attention to diet.

lucky color : Green

lucky number :7


Try to work on big targets by dividing them into smaller parts. Have some patience for the things you have worked hard for. Suddenly there will be big profit and every work will move forward. Busyness in life will increase. Maintain balance between family life and work. Acquaintance with someone can prove beneficial for you.

career : To start your career, you need to get more information.

Love :Partners will feel inspired because of you.

Health : Migraine pain may increase. Do not let the body get dehydrated.

lucky color : White

lucky number :3


The ups and downs in life are a part of your life, so avoid negativity. Be positive for life. For now, your patience will continue to increase. Be prepared for the goal you want to achieve. Pay attention to this, only then thoughts can change.

career : Important decisions related to work will be taken in the next few days. You need to maintain balance emotionally.

Love : By getting information related to relationship, it will be easier for you to take decisions.

Health :Could cause stomach ache.

lucky color : Blue

lucky number :6


If you try to leave work due to difficulties and move ahead, you will not get success. Face difficulties boldly. Most of your things are getting spoiled due to negative aspects of your nature. Improving your mental state should be your main objective.

career : Pay attention to responsibilities before starting new work.

Love : Try to resolve recurring disputes. Be cautious in relationships.

Health : Physical problems will gradually go away. Do not make drastic changes in lifestyle.

lucky color : Red

lucky number :9

Scorpio – PAGE OF CUPS

It may be possible for you to decide right and wrong by considering what people say. Connecting with spiritual things will bring happiness. Be aware when talking to people. Be careful that what you say does not cause any dispute. Don’t trust any person too much.

career : People associated with business will have to maintain focus on work. Someone may cheat you, be cautious.

Love : Pay attention to the proposals you receive, but do not rush into taking relationship decisions.

Health : Maintain discipline in lifestyle to overcome health related problems.

lucky color : pink

lucky number :8

Sagittarius – STRENGTH

Someone may take wrong advantage of your nature. Stay emotionally connected with selected people. Don’t ignore yourself while helping others.

career : New work related opportunities will be available. It will be possible for you to choose work as per your wish.

Love : With the negativity related to the relationship gone, attention can be focused on the partner.

Health : Sugar related problems may increase your anxiety.

lucky color : White

lucky number :5

Capricorn – ACE OF WAND

Understand the responsibilities related to family members. While fulfilling the wishes of other people, also pay attention to your own words. Confidence can increase due to praise received from people. Many people will be inspired because of the work you have done.

career : The business class will have to take care that there is no loss of money while taking any decision related to it.

Love : Your partner and you together can improve your personal life.

Health : Get your vitamins checked.

lucky color : Red

lucky number :3


You need to focus on your personal life by taking a break from work. Apathy can weaken your efficiency and decision making ability. Eliminate weaknesses to achieve desired goals. You may get solutions to your problems now.

career : While starting a new work, do not ignore the main financial sources.

Love : Focus on your personal progress to increase positivity in the relationship.

Health : Injury to the body may cause pain.

lucky color : purple

lucky number :8


The things in which you consider yourself weak will start changing. Keep yourself motivated. Try to learn new things. Don’t care about how other people view you. Concentrate on your work.

career : Take care that your personal life does not create any problems instead of work.

Love : Relationship is only a part of your life, understand this. Pay attention to other things too.

Health : There will be problem of leg pain due to fatigue.

lucky color : Yellow

lucky number : 1

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