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Mossad Failure In Hamas Attack, Mossad is facing disgrace after Hamas attack, but everyone from RAW, ISI to CIA bit the dust in the past

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How Mossad, the world’s most powerful agency, works, watch video

New Delhi: After the horrific attack by Hamas on Israel, questions are being raised on the reputation of Mossad as one of the best intelligence agencies in the world. The Mossad has in the past tracked down and killed Israel’s enemies around the world. For this reason, his status in the intelligence world is like that of a ‘grandfather’. But the world is stunned by the sudden entry of hundreds of Hamas terrorists into Israel and wreaking havoc. It is difficult to believe that Mossad failed to detect Hamas’s preparations. This is why a thought is also emerging that perhaps the Israeli government may not have taken the information given by Mossad seriously. The same is said about the Mumbai attacks. RAW had collected information about the activities of Pakistani terrorists, but considering it not reliable, the Indian government did not take necessary steps, which resulted in the death of 166 people. Here we are referring to similar incidents which raised questions on the competence of the intelligence agencies concerned…

India-Pakistan war of 1965

In the 1965 war, Indian soldiers reached the Pakistani city of Lahore. At that time, Pakistani intelligence agency ISI was criticized for its failure to ascertain whether India could take such extreme steps. Pakistan’s political and defense analyst Qamar Cheema says that the Pakistani Air Force informed about the Indian Army reaching Lahore, but the ISI did not know anything.

Did Mossad fail in front of Hamas? Killing of terrorists by entering Israel, 20 soldiers killed
collapse of the soviet union
American intelligence agencies were much criticized for failing to predict the fall of the Soviet Union. This failure forced America to work harder to establish its hold in the world after the disintegration of the Soviet Union.

iraq war
America’s intelligence agencies claimed that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, which proved to be completely wrong. The failure of American intelligence agencies led to a terrible war. The Iraq War proved to be a very costly campaign for America.

9/11 attacks
US intelligence agencies were aware of preparations for the 9/11 attacks, but did not take it seriously enough. This failure killed 2,996 people. America also had to suffer huge economic and political losses.
Mossad, CIA… Israel and America could not understand Hamas’s bloody planning for 9/11, biggest failure after 50 years
China’s growing power

Intelligence agencies of America and other countries could not get accurate information about China’s growing power and military capability. Now they are not able to understand how China will use its growing power. Due to this, tension is increasing in the relations of western countries with China.

India’s nuclear test
On May 13, 1998, the world was stunned when the then Prime Minister of India Atal Bihari Vajpayee announced nuclear testing. America’s intelligence agencies and especially the CI had no clue about the preparations for Pokhran 2 even though America had installed many satellites to monitor India.

Pokhran 2: When Atal announced nuclear test, America could not believe it, beat its head over the failure of CIA
26/11 mumbai attack
India’s intelligence agency RAW is counted among the prestigious intelligence agencies of the world. Despite this, on November 26, 2008, a group of terrorists reached Mumbai by sea from Pakistan and created a ruckus.

threat of terrorism

Intelligence agencies around the world are doing everything possible to deal with the threat of terrorism, but they have still not been successful in completely understanding or eliminating this threat. Due to the failure of intelligence agencies, the shadow of terrorism continues to loom over the world even today.

How did Mossad fail? Hamas creates chaos in Israel, more than 300 killed, hundreds injured
Due to failure of intelligence agencies
Intelligence agencies fail to predict threats due to many reasons ranging from not getting accurate information, sometimes getting wrong information, political pressure and technological limitations. It must be remembered that in the world of spies there is always great danger and it is not only difficult but impossible to always succeed.

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