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MotoGP Race Photos: 70000 people came to see the thrill of the race, Buddha International Circuit echoed with the sound of super bikes

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Greater Noida, Jagran correspondent. The thrill of speed struck the youth in the final race of Moto GP Bharat on Sunday at Buddha International Circuit. People from Delhi-NCR as well as the surrounding cities came to watch the race. State Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath also arrived on the last day. Apart from this, there was also influence of cricketers and Bollywood. When the bikes were running at high speed on the racing track, the young people were thrilled by the sound of the bikes. At the same time, the winner in the final race was Marco Bejcchi, to whom the Chief Minister handed over the trophy.

About 70 thousand spectators arrived to watch the race.

About 70 thousand spectators arrived at Buddha International Circuit on Sunday to watch the race. Due to this the stand appeared full. The youth did not want to give up the sporting thrill of the race after ten years.

Such a sight was seen after ten years

The same scene was seen after ten years at Buddha International Circuit, where the stands were completely packed with spectators. Like a Formula One race, the thrill and excitement increased with the bike racing on the Buddha International Race Track. As soon as the bike disappears from the track, the spectators look for the position of the bike on the screen installed in the stands.

The thrill of racing appealed to the youth

The thrill of the final race of Moto GP was over the heads of thousands of youth. The craze for the race was such that even after the race started, people continued to come. Be it children or women, till the end of the race, they were busy making the adventure at Buddha International Circuit a memorable experience of their life.

The presence of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath was also important on the last day. As soon as CM Yogi was shown on the live screen, the crowd of spectators made a lot of noise. The winner in the final was Marco Bezzichi, to whom Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath handed over the trophy.

Such events should continue

The spectators who came to watch the race said that such events should be held two to three times a year. More than 70 thousand spectators came to watch the final race of MotoGP India. The thrill of seeing the speed in the race held after ten years was palpable. Such an event creates great excitement among the sports lovers. The Buddha International Circuit, built on the lines of race tracks built abroad, has been completely effective.

As soon as the bike crashed, the spectators said – Oh gone…

As soon as the spectators watching the race sitting in the grand stand saw on the screen that some bike had crashed and the rider was injured, they were shocked to see this. After watching the crash, the heartbeat of some viewers also increased.

Bollywood and cricket flavor in MotoGP

The final race of MotoGP at Buddh International Circuit also had the flavor of Bollywood and cricket. To promote motor sport, Bollywood stars and sports luminaries reached the circuit and enjoyed the MotoGP bike race. Also met the riders. Film actor John Abraham rode a bike on the track.

Indian cricketer Shikhar Dhawan and former cricketer Yuvraj Singh arrived to watch MotoGP. He said such games should continue.

Chief Minister inquired about the health of Luca Marini

Italian rider Luca Marini was injured when his bike fell during the sprint race at the India Grand Prix on Saturday, but his shoulder was broken. For this reason he was out of the race. On Sunday, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath also talked to the members of the team participating in MotoGP.

During this time, he took information about the rider’s health from Luca Marini’s team. During this, a photo was also taken in front of the MotoGP bike with a poster written ‘Get well soon Luka’. Let us tell you that Luca Marini will not be able to participate in the MotoGP to be held in Japan next week.

Five-time winner Bagnia’s bike slipped on the track this season

This season’s five-time MotoGP winner Francesco Bagnaia was ruled out of the final race of the Indian Grand Prix on Sunday after crashing his bike on lap 13. Apart from this, three more riders also could not complete the race. On Sunday, everyone’s eyes were on Francesco Bagnia, who was leading by scoring the most points this season.

He has won five MotoGP races this season. After the start of the race on Sunday, he looked in perfect rhythm. His bike slipped at a turn on lap 13 and he retired from the race. As soon as his bike slipped, people at the stand screamed in despair. Meanwhile, A Fernandes, A Espargaro and Fabio di Giannantonia were also out of the race due to bike slipping.

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