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In 2016, the arrest of Mekhi Alante Lucky for theft of a motor vehicle and evading arrest took an unexpected turn. His stunning photo became a sensation, thanks to his stunning heterochromia — two different eye colors. Demanti O’Bryant, founder of the agency St. Claire Modeling, discovered Lucky and turned his misfortune into a modeling career, proving that even in the world of fashion, unique characteristics stand out.

JEREMY MEEKS: From Mugshot to Runway

Jeremy Meeks, known for his pouty lips and chiseled jaw, gained notoriety after his arrest in 2014 for possession of a firearm and gang affiliation. Despite serving his sentence, Meeks signed a modeling contract while in prison. After his release, he made his New York Fashion Week debut, proving that even a criminal record couldn’t stop his journey from photography to runway.

MORGAN JOYCE VARN: Tattooed eyes and shame

Morgan Joyce Varn’s 2017 arrest for kidnapping and armed robbery made headlines not only for her crimes, but also for her eye-catching tattoos, including jet-black eyes. This unusual choice has sparked debates about whether tattoos are real or just a fad. Varna’s photo prompted headlines like “The Devil Has Descended in South Carolina,” leaving the public intrigued by the mystery surrounding her arresting appearance.


Justin Lamar Richardson’s 2017 arrest in North Carolina for a probation violation drew attention not because of his charges, but because of a unique moment during the booking. A hungry Richardson convinced the cops to catch him munching on a bologna sandwich in his photo. This unusual incident briefly attracted attention and showed the humorous side of the typically serious arrest process.

MEAGAN MCCULLOUGH: The “attractive convict” phenomenon.

In 2010, Meagan McCullough’s arrest on probation led to a viral photo, earning her the nickname “Attractive Convict.” The internet fell in love with her, creating memes and captions, turning her brief moment of shame into an unexpected online sensation. McCullough’s story underscores the unpredictable nature of Internet fame, even in the face of legal troubles.

FIDEL GONZALEZ GUTIERREZ: The unexpected arrest of Santa Claus

In 2017, the cocaine-dealing arrest of Fidel Gonzalez Gutierrez drew attention not only for the charges, but also for his uncanny resemblance to Santa Claus. The festive photo went viral, adding a touch of holiday humor to an otherwise serious situation. Internet users could not resist making jokes about Santa Claus who strayed from the North Pole.

MICAH MUSSER: Hickey Mugshot

Micah Musser’s 2017 arrest for trespassing and unlawful transaction with a minor drew attention because his neck was covered in visible welts. Musser’s photo sparked curiosity and laughter online, showing that sometimes unexpected details in a photo can lead to viral fame.

LUCIANO GUTIERREZ: Truth in advertising photography

The 2015 arrest of Luciano Gutierrez in Texas was shown as a photo of him wearing a T-shirt that read “Warning: I do stupid things.” This witty choice of clothing turned his arrest into a viral sensation, proving that a touch of honesty and humor can make a photo memorable.


Sarah Seawright’s 2016 arrest for failing to appear in court made her an internet sensation, nicknamed “Prison Bae.” The internet overlooked her criminal past, focusing instead on her attractive booking photo. Seawright’s unexpected fame has led to fans online and even potential appearances.

SEAN KORY: Mugshot Hotness

Sean Kory’s arrest for assault in 2014 featured a photo with “stripes, piercing eyes, [and a] a hint of danger.” The internet fell in love with Kory’s look, drawing comparisons to former “felon bae.” Despite the internet attention, Kory decided to step back from the limelight, emphasizing the fleeting nature of internet fame.

SARAH FURAY: The cutest drug kingpin in the world

Sarah Furay’s arrest in 2015 on drug-related charges led to her being dubbed “the world’s cutest drug kingpin” for her photo of a smiling selfie. Despite facing serious accusations, Furay’s upbeat demeanor in the photo has garnered widespread attention, showcasing the unpredictable ways in which mug shots can captivate an online audience.


Charles Dion McDowell’s 2018 arrest on drug-related charges drew attention not because of the charges, but because of his noticeably large neck. Netizens humorously commented on the proportions of McDowell’s neck, turning the photo into a viral meme. McDowell’s response to his newfound “fame” added a touch of humor to his unexpected internet journey.

TAMMY LEE HINTON: Wedding Bliss for Mugshot

Tammy Lee Hinton’s arrest in 2007 after her wedding in Michigan drew attention for her unique photo featuring a high mohawk. Hinton’s unconventional hairstyle added an unexpected twist to her arrest story, proving that even in challenging times, individuality can shine through.

BEEZOW DOO-DOO ZOPITTYBOP-BOP-BOP: A name worth remembering

A photo of Zopittybop-Bop-Bop’s Beezow Doo-Doo from his 2012 arrest on drug-related charges drew attention not only for the charges but also for his unconventional name change. The internet couldn’t resist sharing the photo, highlighting the humorous side of a serious situation.

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