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Mukesh Songs: This great spinner used to sing Mukesh’s songs in the field, took more wickets in Test matches and scored less runs

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BS Chandrasekhar: The relationship between cricket and Bollywood is not new. But often in this case only the names of Bollywood heroines and cricket stars are associated. But the voice of the great singer of Hindi films Mukesh (Singer Mukesh) has many fans in the Indian cricket team, but among them B.S. Chandrasekhar’s talk was different. Chandrashekhar, who played for India from 1967 to 1979, was such a big fan of Mukesh that he often used to hum Mukesh’s songs in the cricket field. Chandrasekhar, who is now 78, named his son Nitin after Mukesh’s son Nitin Mukesh.

In the country where Ganga Flows

Mukesh was twenty years older than Chandrashekhar, but he had met this great leg-spinner 10 years before his death. The friendship made then continued till Mukesh’s life. It is famous about Chandrashekhar that when he used to enter the field for India, he used to hum Mukesh’s famous song, Jis Desh Me Ganga Behti Hai. Apart from this, he was always seen singing Mukesh’s songs on the field. Chandrasekhar’s craze for Mukesh had spread to his fans and the spectators coming to the cricket ground. In such a situation, when Chandrasekhar was bowling, the spectators who brought transistors to the field often used to loudly play the radio station on which Mukesh’s songs were playing.

a unique record
By the way, during this period, when Tiger Pataudi used to enter the field, the spectators of cricket used to play songs of Sharmila Tagore’s films on transistors. Well, listening to Mukesh’s songs Chandrashekhar’s enthusiasm used to increase. Famous cricketer Sunil Gavaskar has also written that when Chandrashekhar had to increase his enthusiasm on the field, he used to hum Mukesh’s songs. Chandrashekhar has a very unique record in Indian cricket. He took more wickets in Test matches and scored less runs. While Chandrasekhar, who played 58 Test matches, has 167 runs, he has taken 242 wickets. This record is in the account of only one other cricketer in the world. Chris Martin of New Zealand. 123 runs and 233 runs in 71 test matches.

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