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Murdered and spent 22 years in jail, then why did the prisoner break out of jail and run away on the day of release? – Russian Man Imprisoned 22 Years Ago Escapes on the Day of Release tstm

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According to different laws around the world, different serious punishments are given for committing a serious crime. For serious charges like murder, sometimes life imprisonment and sometimes even death sentence are given. In life imprisonment, a major part of the life of a criminal is spent in prison. After receiving such punishment, many criminals try to escape from jail but only a few are clever enough to succeed in it.

In Russia, a criminal named Kamoljon Kalonov also served a total jail sentence of 22 years. He was serving a sentence for double murder, theft and illegal possession of arms and ammunition. Upon completion of his sentence, he was to be released from the prison in Markova village near Irkutsk. But on the day of his release he did something that made it impossible for him to be released.

The regional department of the Federal Penitentiary Service told RIA Novosti that at around 4 a.m. on the day of his release, Kalonov disappeared without informing anyone and is now reportedly on the run. Kamoljon Kalonov, a resident of the city of Zima in the Irkutsk region, was first convicted of organizing a criminal community and was released from prison in 1997. Then in 2001, he was again convicted of double murder and was imprisoned for 22 years.

According to the press service of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia, for people serving sentences in this prison, absence of three days is considered not as an escape from prison, but as an escape from the right path. If, during this period, he does not return or is not found, then if caught, he is imprisoned for four years. After 22 years, Kalonov was about to be released on parole and then sent to forced labour. In such a situation, perhaps to avoid this labor, he decided to run away on the day of his release.

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