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Nawaz Sharif: Nawaz Sharif became emotional after hugging his daughter, told supporters during the show of strength – I love you – Nawaz Sharif Became Emotional After Hugging His Daughter, Show Of Strength In Lahore

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Nawaz Sharif became emotional after hugging his daughter, show of strength in lahore

Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif in Lahore
– Photo: Social Media


Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif returned to Pakistan after four years. As soon as he returned to Pakistan, Sharif made a show of strength, which would enthuse his supporters. The show of strength was intended to instill fear among the opposition leaders as well. Nawaz Sharif, who was in London for the last four years, arrived in Islamabad from Dubai on Saturday afternoon. At the rally he also supported Palestine and waved the Palestinian flag in the air.

Reached Lahore to show strength

Nawaz Sharif’s party Pakistan Muslim League-N (Nawaz) has expressed happiness. The party welcomed Sharif in a tweet. The party said in a tweet that Badshah is back. Nawaz Sharif is back. Nawaz Sharif has come to restore the pride of Pakistan. Let us tell you, after legal procedures at the airport in Islamabad, Sharif reached Lahore directly by charter plane to show power. Here he held a rally till Minar-e-Pakistan. Let us tell you, Lahore is considered the stronghold of PML-N.

Sharif addressed the public at the end of the rally and said I love you too. During this, he hugged his daughter Maryam Nawaz and brother Shahbaz Sharif. A huge crowd of supporters had participated in the rally. During this time he became emotional about his wife and mother. He said that whenever I used to come from somewhere, my mother and my wife used to wait for me at the door. But not both. Now no one will wait for me. No one will welcome me home. I lost him in politics. He told the public that his love relationship with you continues.

Sharif is famous in Pakistan as the Lion of Punjab. He became the Prime Minister of Pakistan three times. However, all three times he could not complete his tenure. During a debate in Pakistani media, a question was raised whether Nawaz’s rally is the biggest rally of Pakistan so far. In response to this, the analyst said that there can be no debate about the size of the meeting. Sharif’s return was seen by analysts as a blessing from the powerful military establishment.

If the country had run on the economic model of 1990, no one would have been unemployed.

Nawaz said that if Pakistan had been run on my economic model of 1990, not a single person would have been unemployed, there would have been no such thing as poverty, but today the situation is so bad that one has to think whether they will be able to feed their children or get electricity. Will be able to pay the bills. He made it clear that these difficult economic conditions did not arise during the government led by his brother Shehbaz Sharif, but had been going on for a long time.

no desire for revenge

Sharif promised not to indulge in vendetta politics and said that he only wants to see a developed and prosperous Pakistan. I only want the well being of the people. This statement of Sharif is being considered very important because his main rival and former Prime Minister Imran Khan is in jail and more than 150 cases are registered against him. The Imran government had initiated several corruption cases against the Sharif family. Nawaz Sharif and his daughter also had to go to jail.

We want to include the country in G-20

Sharif said that we were making Pakistan an Asian Tiger. We want to include Pakistan in G-20 group. He said there is a need for everyone to come together to strengthen the Constitution and overcome the scourge that has been repeatedly affecting the country. We need a fresh start.

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