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Nawaz Sharif said- India has reached the moon and we are asking for dollars all over the world.

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Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, who left Pakistan and is living in London, has said that today his country is asking for dollars from the world and India has reached the moon.

Sharif blamed former military generals and judges for Pakistan’s deteriorating financial condition. Highlighting the plight of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif also said that G-20 meetings are now being held in India.

Pakistan’s economy has been going down rapidly for the last several years, due to which inflation has increased and now there is pressure on the poor people of the country.

Addressing the party meeting being held in Lahore through video link from London, Nawaz Sharif said, “Today the Prime Minister of Pakistan is going from one country to another to ask for money, while India has reached the moon and… Is holding meetings of 20.”

This post originally appeared on www.bbc.com

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