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Neola Kali Pahari Vampire From Bandh Darwaza Horror Movie Box Office Collection Budget And Unknown Facts – When Kali Pahari’s mongoose came on screen, the audience in theaters smelled the snake

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When Kali Pahari's mongoose came on screen, the audience in theaters smelled like a snake - it earned double the budget.

Know what is the secret of Kali Pahari and mongoose, it is part of this horror film

special things

  • Bandh Darwaza: A memorable horror film of Hindi cinema.
  • The mongoose of this black hill was the main character
  • This film was released in 1990

New Delhi:

There was a devil on the black hill. Whose name was Mongoose. Which had brought a storm in the lives of the people living there. Of course, this story may seem somewhat strange. But when this story came on screen, it gained a lot of love from the audience. There is a severe lack of quality horror films in Hindi cinema. Some films were made in the 1980-90s but they were not of such a standard that the audience could reach the theatres. Ramsay Brothers were the kings of horror films. He made many horror films. Some of which were passed by the audience and some were rejected. Among these, this was one such film in which the havoc of the mongoose of Kali Pahari is visible throughout the film. Interestingly, this film collected double its budget.

‘We are talking about the horror movie ‘Band Darwaza’. The film was released in 1990. It was directed by horror kings Shyam Ramsay and Tulsi Ramsay. Kunika, Chetna Das, Manjeet Kullar, Aruna Irani, Anirudh Aggarwal and our actor Hashmat Khan were seen in ‘Band Darwaza’. Anand-Milind gave the music of this horror movie. This horror film was released in theaters on May 7, 1990. If we talk about its budget, it is said to be around Rs 40 lakh. Thus, it was an average budget film even for that era. The film did a business of approximately Rs 96 lakh at the box office.

Horror movie ‘Band Darwaza’ can be watched for free on YouTube. This film is available on Goldmines’ YouTube channel. In this way, Bandh Darwaza is a perfect treat for the fans of action films of the 1990s. Then Ramsay Brothers are known for bringing and making horror films in Bollywood.

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