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Nicole Instagram, Insiders, Age and Career

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Netflix’s dating show “Insiders” gathered 12 contestants in one big house, and among them is Nicole Gordita, a fiery contestant from the Canary Islands. With over £100,000 in prize money up for grabs, Nicole’s outgoing personality has already made its mark in the first episode of the series. Fans have been dying to find her Instagram, and we’ve got you covered. In this article, we will learn more about Nicole Gordita, her aspirations and her social media presence.

Nicole on “Insiders”

Nicole Gordita, a contestant from the Canary Islands, entered the Insider’s house with the hope of winning a substantial cash prize. He stands out for his honest and determined personality. Nicole openly shared her feelings of incompleteness and her commitment to looking her best. Her ultimate goal in participating in “Insiders” is to feel complete and finance the desired surgical procedures. Nicole doesn’t hesitate to say, “If I have to lie or manipulate someone to get money to pay for surgery, I will.”

Nicole’s age and career

At the age of 27, Nicole is actively involved in the world of social networks. She is not only an influencer, but also manages her own career with the help of an agent. While talking about her profession online, she describes herself simply as “I’m a woman too.” In addition to a significant online presence, Nicole boasts 34.6k followers on Instagram and a whopping 1.1 million followers on TikTok.

It’s worth noting that Nicole has more likes than her number of followers on TikTok, amassing more than 14 million likes, and that number is likely to grow during her time on “Insiders.”

Meet Nicole on Instagram

Nicole’s Instagram reflects her love for the sea, sand and animals. Her posts often show her sunbathing on the beach or taking leisurely walks along the coast. Her affection for animals is evident as she visits the zoo and shares moments with the adorable kittens.

While Nicole has been promoting “Insiders” on her social media lately, her Instagram feed mostly follows a travel theme, primarily featuring selfies and scenic backgrounds. With her marital status listed as “single” on the show, it appears that Nicole has yet to form a romantic relationship, as there are no significant others on her Instagram.


As “Insiders” unfolds, viewers get to know Nicole Gordita not only as a feisty contestant but also as a social media sensation. Her unfiltered determination and honesty drew attention, making her an intriguing figure in the series. With her bold social media presence and drive to feel complete, Nicole brings a unique dynamic to the world of reality dating shows, and fans will no doubt be following her journey closely.

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