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Nipah panic in these 5 countries, vaccine has not been made yet, understand why it is considered more dangerous than Corona – Nipah virus Kerala NiV Kozhikode high alert icmr symptoms variant treatment covid 19 ntc

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There is high alert in Kozhikode district of Kerala after cases of Nipah virus (NIV) surfaced again. Here two people have died due to Nipah virus infection. Along with this, three other patients have been quarantined in the hospital. These include two adults and a child.

This virus has appeared in Kerala for the fourth time in the last five years. If we look at its history, this virus has appeared in Kerala for the fourth time since 2018. At that time 23 people were infected with this virus, out of which 21 people lost their lives. There was a mild outbreak of Nipah in 2019 and 2021, in which two deaths were reported.

What is Nipah: Nipah is a zoonotic virus, which is transmitted from animals to humans. It can spread through contaminated food or by direct contact with secretions between humans.

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Is the virus different this time: The strain found in Kerala this time has come from Bangladesh. However, it is considered to be less infectious than the earlier strains. But its mortality rate is high and health experts say it spreads from human to human.

what are the symptoms: Apart from causing the usual viral fever symptoms, this infection also affects the nervous system. Due to this the central nervous system also gets affected. Which results in encephalitis or inflammation of the brain. Due to this, the patient can go into coma in 24 to 48 hours.

What is the mortality rate: An estimated 40% to 75% of infected patients die from complications caused by Nipah virus infection, but mortality rates can vary.

How can this be prevented: Health experts suggest preventive measures like Covid-19 – wearing masks, social distancing, use of sanitizers. This disease can be avoided only by being careful.

Is there any treatment for this?
There are no Nipah vaccines available for humans or animals. There is no effective treatment other than supportive care.

Researchers are currently developing monoclonal antibodies – immunotherapeutic drugs that will fight the virus directly. But there is no licensed treatment available yet.
This virus is spreading its outbreak in many countries. It was first identified in 1999. This virus has so far been reported in five countries – Malaysia, Singapore, Bangladesh, Philippines and India.

ICMR DG Rajeev Bahl said that Nipah is a zoonotic virus, whose host is the fruit bat, which is also called fox bat. The death rate in Nipah is 40 to 70 percent, whereas the death rate of Covid was 2-3 percent.

Why do cases arise in Kerala?
On the question why this happens in Kerala? Why do Covid and Nipah cases appear first in Kerala? He said, “We don’t know”. We found that the breakout in Kerala was related to fruit bats. We do not know how the infection jumped from fruit bats to humans. This link could not be established. Trying to find out. It always happens in rainy season. Why Kerala? I don’t know the answer.

ICMR said, ‘Nipah vaccine is not ready anywhere. Our goal is to make its vaccine. Apart from this, ICMR also answered some other questions. For example

Should we worry about Covid? “Yes, of course, it should be done.
Is the virus mutating? “Absolutely yes”

Still, what is the good news?
The good news is that every variant we have encountered is no more deadly than the original Omicron version. Our immunity status is good. The death rate has not increased. At this time, we cannot say that Covid is gone. Our immunity and the fact that the virus is mutating towards becoming less lethal is important. The virus is becoming more persistent and less deadly. We are continuing genome sequencing.

Schools closed for a week in Kozhikode
All educational institutions in Kozhikode will remain closed for a week till next Sunday. This includes schools, professional colleges, tuition centers etc. It has been asked to run online classes during the entire week. Currently, there are 1080 people in the contact list. 130 new people have joined on Friday. 327 people in the list are health workers. In neighboring districts, around 29 contacts are on the list. These include 22 people in Malappuram, 3 in Kannur, 3 in Thrissur, and 1 in Wayanad district.

Dead person found positive on August 30
There are 175 general people and 122 health workers in the high risk category. Health Minister Veena George has expressed apprehension that the number of people in the list will increase. The testing report of the person who died on August 30 has come out, in which he has been found positive. Health Minister Veena George said that at this time, it can be said that all other people have been infected through this case. So far, 6 positive cases and 83 negative cases have been reported.

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