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Noah Baumbach’ White Noise All Characters & The Actors Who Are Playing Them

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After the success of “Marriage Story”, Noah Baumbach returns with a new Netflix film adapted from Don DeLillo’s novel, “White Noise”. This latest film revolves around a controversial university professor and his family dealing with a city plagued by dangerous pollution. Having premiered at the Venice and New York Film Festivals, “White Noise” is set to hit Netflix on December 30, 2022. Let’s dive into the key characters and the actors who play them in this highly anticipated production.

Adam Driver as Jack

In the role of Jack, Adam Driver brings to life a university professor known for his expertise on Hitler. When their city faces a dangerous event in the air, Jack must navigate the chaos and protect his family. His constant fear of mortality lends depth to his character, showing the challenges he faces amid turmoil.

In his fifth collaboration with Noah Baumbach, Adam Driver earned an Oscar nomination for his role in “Marriage Story.” Before his acting career took off, Driver served in the US Marine Corps. He is also known for his work in “Girls” alongside Lena Dunham, and previously collaborated with co-star Greta Gerwig in Baumbach’s “Frances Ha”.

Dean and Henry Moore as Wilder

Little Wilder, played by Dean and Henry Moore, is the youngest child of Jack and Babette. Due to his age, Wilder is not fully aware of the events going on around him, unlike the rest of his family. His innocence in this challenging situation makes for a touching element in the story, adding a different perspective.

Greta Gerwig as Babette

Greta Gerwig plays Babette, Jack’s wife and a key figure in the family’s fight against the dangerous conditions in the city. Babette’s journey as a mother trying to protect her family from danger adds emotional depth to the narrative. Gerwig, Baumbach’s collaborator, is known for her work as an actress, writer and director in acclaimed films such as “Lady Bird” and “Little Women.”

Ron Livingston as Murray Jay Siskind

Ron Livingston takes on the character of Murray Jay Siskind, Jack’s colleague and friend. As a fellow academic, Murray offers a different perspective and support amid the chaos. Livingston, known for his roles in “Office Space” and “Band of Brothers,” brings his seasoned acting skills to this intriguing character.


“White Noise” boasts a star-studded cast portraying complex characters navigating a turbulent story. With a mix of seasoned actors and up-and-coming talent, Baumbach’s film promises to be a riveting exploration of relationships amid challenging circumstances. As the release date approaches, the anticipation grows to witness this exciting story unfold on screen.

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