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Noah Thompson Magic, Music, Love, Life And Friendship

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After witnessing HunterGirl and Noah Thompson’s mesmerizing performance on American Idol, fans are wondering not only about their incredible talent, but also about their personal lives. The duo performed the song “One Day Tonight” during the 21st season, 14th episode of the show and left the audience in awe. Let’s take a closer look at their journey and the rumors surrounding their love life.


Noah Thompson

American Idol Champion Taking a trip down memory lane to Season 20 of American Idol, we find Noah Thompson, who won the coveted title in 2022. At just 19 years old, he auditioned for the show while working in construction. Noah, along with fellow contestants HunterGirl and Leah Marlene, made it to the season 20 finale.

“One Day Tonight,” Noah’s original song, became his anthem, and he performed it when he secured victory in 2022. His versatility also shined in a soulful rendition of Bruce Springsteen’s “I’m On Fire.”


Together we create magic

Duet HunterGirl and Noah teamed up to come up with a beautiful duet version of “One Day Tonight”. The magic they produced on the American Idol stage was nothing short of spectacular. Their musical journey did not end there; they went on tour together after the 22nd season.

The Love Life of Noah Thompson

Noah Thompson, the winner of the 22nd season of American Idol, is not only an extraordinary artist but also a loving father. He and his partner, Angel Nicole Dixon, have a beautiful child named Walker Lee Thompson, who is about two years old. Fans often get glimpses of their adorable family moments on social media. Despite rumors swirling about Noah’s relationship status since his appearance on American Idol, there has been no public confirmation of any split.


Debunking dating rumors

As HunterGirl and Noah graced the American Idol stage with their mesmerizing duet “One Day Tonight” in 2023, fans couldn’t help but speculate about a possible romantic relationship. One fan even tweeted, “Maybe I’m just crazy, but I feel like HunterGirl and Noah are like dating, maybe.” However, it is important to note that in 2022, Noah himself clarified that he and HunterGirl are not in a romantic relationship. He expressed, “I love Hunter to death. But we are not together, not at all.”

The power of friendship and music

While some American Idol enthusiasts may be intrigued by HunterGirl and Noah’s love life, others are simply mesmerized by their outstanding performance on the ABC show. Comments poured in, with one fan saying: “You killed the stage; i love you,” showcasing the impact of their incredible musical talents and their deep bond as friends and collaborators.


The journey of American Idol winner Noah Thompson and the immensely talented HunterGirl is filled with passion, dedication and undeniable musicianship. Their duet of “One Day Tonight” not only left fans in awe, but also sparked dating rumors, which Noah immediately addressed. As they continue to create beautiful music and share their talents, the world eagerly awaits their next mesmerizing performance. Catch all the American Idol action on ABC every Sunday at 8/7C.


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