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Now the rocket will fly with cow dung, this country’s company is amazing, know how it will work?

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Tokyo. Cow dung and cow urine have many uses. In new scientific research, preparations have now started to make rocket fuel from it. A Japanese chemical manufacturing company plans to produce liquid biomethane from cow waste, which will be used as rocket fuel. After this, the dairy farmers facing problems regarding disposal of cow dung will get the maximum relief.

Tokyo-based Kyodo News reports that Air Water Inc. said on Monday that it plans to begin experimental testing during the upcoming autumn season. The resulting liquid biomethane will be used in rockets built by Interstellar Technologies, a Japanese space startup firm headquartered on Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido.

Experiment being conducted on dairy farm of Taiki city
Air Water Inc. Co. has been actively engaged in the production of liquid biomethane on the island of Hokkaido since 2021. The process involves mixing dung and urine in a special plant located on a dairy farm in the city of Taiki. Subsequently, the biogas produced at the plant is transported to a factory located in Obihiro.

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Will prove to be a revolution for dairy farmers
Within the factory, careful procedures are employed to separate the methane from the product. After this, a cooling process takes place to convert it into liquid biomethane. This initiative has the potential to revolutionize both waste management for dairy farmers and the use of renewable fuels in the aerospace sector.


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