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Nuclear bomb went missing 65 years ago, America is still in shock… Know the story – Missing Nuclear bomb found off the US coast of Georgia cds

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There was more radioactivity around Tybee Island, Georgia. Nearly 40 years after the accident in 1958, retired Air Force officer Stephen Schwartz started researching this atomic bomb. He also wrote in his book that the bomb was a symbol of the Cold War. The book was titled Atomic Audit: The Cost and Consequences of US Nuclear Weapons Since 1940.

Now the story is that on February 5, 1958, two US Air Force planes collided during training. One of them was a bomber. That too B-47 bomber. At that time, even during training missions, planes were kept fully loaded with weapons. Bombs were kept planted in the aircraft. The purpose of the training was to provide training on how to drop nuclear bombs.

US Air Force planes used to fly over various cities and towns of America. Now it so happened that Major Howard Richardson was flying a B-47 bomber. His mission had been accomplished. Then the second fighter jet F-86, which was an interceptor, was being flown by Lieutenant Clarence Stewart. Stewart’s radar did not pick up the B-47 bomber.

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This is the B-47 Bomber of the US Air Force, from which the bomb was dropped into the sea. (Photo: US Air Force)

That’s why it was necessary to drop the bomb into the sea

After this, Clarence Stewart collided with the bomber with his fighter jet. Stewart ejected from the jet. But due to cold he got frostbite. Whereas Richardson understood that he would not be able to land on the runway under construction of the Air Force base with the weight of an atomic bomb. So first he went towards the sea.

Richardson dropped the atomic bomb into the sea from 7200 feet. Then landed safely. No crew member of any plane heard any explosion after this incident. Richardson told CBS News in 2004 that he regretted the bombing. But he had no choice. Had it not been dropped, the entire airbase and city would have been destroyed.

100 naval divers searched for 2 months

100 divers of the US Navy searched for the nuclear bomb with handheld sonar for two months but it was not found. On April 16, 1958, the US Army announced that this bomb had gone missing. Will not be available now. The Air Force replied that the bomb was not fully assembled. Therefore, there is no possibility of any kind of explosion or radioactivity.

It was only after this incident that nuclear bombs started being sealed. Plutonium started being kept separate from the bomb. When these two were mixed. That’s when they became dangerous. Only then did he complete the entire nuclear chain reaction. Then comes the year 2000. Former Air Force officer Derek Duke contacted Georgia MP Jack Kingston.

There was so much danger in removing that bomb.

Kingston said that if the Air Force wants to find the bomb, then find it. But it will cost 50 lakh dollars. Then it is also not confirmed whether that bomb will be found or not. There is also a chance that it might burst as soon as you touch it. The bomb must have rusted over the years. The nuclear weapon kept inside it would be emitting radiation. In such a situation it is dangerous to go near him. But experts said that nothing like this will happen.

In 2001, the Air Force reported that the bomb weighing 7600 pounds (3447 KG) contained 400 pounds (181 KG) of conventional warheads. Derek Duke didn’t agree. He started searching for this bomb in 2004. Their instruments found very high levels of radiation in the sea near Tybee Island. But Air Force investigation revealed that the radiation was coming from naturally occurring minerals. This is Vossa sound area.

A decade later, in 2015, another citizen noticed strange sonar readings. The Nuclear Emergency Support Team said that we will investigate. Operation Sleeping Dog was launched. Military divers again descended into the sea but could not find the 12 feet long bomb. America’s Energy Department did not sit quietly. He sent the expert. Shayla Hasan, deputy director of the National Nuclear Security Administration, went to investigate. Then there was no result. It was as if the bomb had been swallowed by the sea.

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