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Once Upon A Time Forests In Sahara Desert This Research Of Scientists Shook The World

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Sahara Desert: This ocean of sand spread over an area of ​​9400 square miles in the African continent is called As Sahara Al Kubra i.e. Great Desert in Arabic language. The Sahara is the world’s largest desert with huge dunes of hot sand. Once upon a time Sahara was once lush green. Even trees, plants, wild animals and human population used to exist. That is, the Sahara that you see today used to be a village where you can see it today. When the world came to know about this reality for the first time, many people were not able to believe it. Even scientists were surprised. Let us know what happened that a lush green Sahara turned into a desert.

Research revealed

Researchers doing research on Sahara said that there was greenery there 6 thousand years ago. Even large parts of North Africa used to have lakes. This entire area is bigger than a country like Australia. In the years 2005 and 2006, National Geography had published a report. According to this report, about 200 graves were discovered in the Sahara. A research team from the University of Chicago was searching for the remains of dinosaurs in south-eastern Algeria, during which a huge cemetery was found. Bones of humans and animals were found there, in which remains of big fish and crocodiles were also found.

Because of this the resort changed in the desert

Researchers studying the desert said that two groups lived in the Sahara. One was the Kiffian group and the other was the Tenerian. It is believed that the Kiffian group would have lived between 7700 BC and 6200 BC. The same Tenerians would have lived between 5200 BC and 2500 BC. That is, it became clear that there used to be human population here, but the question is how the lush green Sahara turned into a desert.

According to historians and researchers, Sahara did not become a desert in a day. This happened as part of the entire process. This happened due to small differences in the Earth’s orbit. Some researchers claimed that this might have happened due to global warming. Sahara turned into desert.

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