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One Piece: The New & Deadly Pacifista Seraphim (Explained)

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The world of One Piece is abuzz with excitement and intrigue as the aftermath of the Warlord System’s demise unfolds. In the final chapters, after the Wano Arc ended, fans wondered why the World Government decided to make enemies out of the strongest pirates on the sea just when they needed their support the most. The answers lie in the revelations of One Piece Chapter 1059, where the World Government unveiled its terrifying new weapon, the Seraphine.

What are seraphim? The Seraphim represent a significant upgrade to the Pacifist program, and are based on the former warlord, Bartholomew Kuma. These advanced Pacifists retain the ability to unleash devastating laser attacks similar to Kizaru’s power. However, what sets them apart is their possession of the traits of an extinct race known as the Lunars.

The Lunars, once worshiped as gods, lived on the Red Line long before Mary Geoise existed. In Wano Arc we met King, the last surviving Lunar. This begs the question: How did the World Government manage to replicate lunar capabilities?

Dr. Vegapunk’s role: The key to unlocking the secrets of the Seraphim lies with a brilliant scientist, Dr. Vegapunk. In chapter 1035, we learned that Kaido and King were the subjects of experiments conducted by Vegapunk’s team. These experiments not only gave Vegapunk access to lunar abilities, but also Kaido’s devil fruit powers.

Dr. Vegapunk’s revolutionary achievement resulted in the creation of the first artificial Devil Fruit, which was later consumed by Momonosuke. His inventions are so advanced that they are considered 500 years ahead of their time.

Seraph Power: Seraphs possess incredible strength, comparable to Yonko crew members, if not Yonko himself. Chapter 1059 showed the sheer terror they instill, with Blackbeard resorting to using his Black Hole ability to face the Mihawk Seraphim.

Several factors contribute to their power:

  1. Seraphim copy not only the appearance but also the abilities of the Lord of War.
  2. While it remains uncertain if they can replicate the devil fruit’s powers, given Vegapunk’s expertise, it’s a possibility.
  3. They retain the ability to use Kizaru’s laser, making them a significant threat.
  4. The most terrifying trait is their lunar resemblance, with the ability to withstand physical damage and manipulate flames for speed.

Motive behind the creation of the Seraphim: The World Government’s motive for abolishing the warlord system becomes clear with the introduction of the Seraphim. These powerful artificial beings are designed to replace the Warlords within the three great powers, which consist of the Marines, the Seven Warlords, and the Four Sea Emperors.

Now the three great powers consist of the Marines, the Seraphim, and the Four Emperors, greatly shifting the balance of power in favor of the world government. It is obvious that they used the pirates to their advantage, and then discarded them when they were considered expendable goods.

Impact on Luffy’s Dreams: The appearance of the Seraphim represents a significant shift in the balance of power. It remains uncertain how this will affect Luffy’s pursuit of his dreams, and only Eiichiro Oda has the answers to this unfolding saga.

Exploring the term “Seraphim”: The term “Seraphim” refers to celestial beings with wings, often associated with angels of the highest order found in various religions. It is intriguing to note the connection with “Ima”, the enigmatic figure at the top of the World Government, before whom as many as five elders kneel. Therefore, the term “Seraphin” takes on an additional meaning in the context of the One Piece world.

Conclusion: Eiichiro Oda continues to amaze fans with his storytelling skills, bringing unexpected twists and revelations in each chapter. The introduction of the Seraphim reshaped the power dynamics of the One Piece world, leaving readers eagerly anticipating the next chapters to discover the full extent of their influence on the story.

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