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Painting bought for 332 rupees from New Hampshire thrift store sells for 1 58 crore rupees tstm

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Many times people have some valuable thing and they do not even realize it. Recently, something similar happened with a woman from New Hampshire. He shared the photo of an old painting lying unused in the house on social media. After this, what he came to know about that painting was surprising. The woman came to know that the painting which she thought was trivial was actually worth crores.

Bought for Rs 332, sold for Rs 1.58 crore

Now this painting, purchased from a New Hampshire thrift store for only $4 (Rs 332), was auctioned for $191,000 (Rs 1.58 crore). It is surprising in itself that how did someone suddenly pay so much money for a painting bought so cheaply?

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What was special in the painting?

Actually, according to experts, well-known artist N.C. Wyeth’s long-lost painting. This was a masterpiece. The painting, titled Ramona, was one of four paintings created by the Pennsylvania-based artist for the 1939 edition of Helen Hunt Jackson’s 1884 book Ramona. The painting depicts an orphaned young woman in conflict with her stepmother.

I thought it was old and put it in the store room.

Auction house Bonhams Skinner said that experts had considered this painting lost, but people were surprised when it was found with a woman in New Hampshire. The woman said she had bought the painting from her local Savers thrift store for $4 (Rs 332) and it was hanging in her home decor for a long time before she threw it in the store room.

When the museum contacted…

They came to know the true identity of the painting after posting a picture of it on Facebook. He was then urged to contact the curator at the Brandywine Museum in Chadds Ford, PA, and a former Wyeth curator in Maine named Lauren Lewis. After all this he came to know that he actually had a historical painting.

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