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Pakistan Air Force These Days Conducting Exercises With Egypt And China

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Pakistan China Exercise: These days Pakistan is conducting exercises with two countries. In which one country is a close friend of India and the other is a staunch enemy. Actually, these days Pakistan is conducting exercises with Egypt and China. Pakistan’s attitude seems to have changed due to these two maneuvers. He has forgotten that he is currently suffering from financial poverty. Pakistan is calling it a milestone towards emerging as a formidable air force.

Duniya news channel’s website said in its report on Friday that the main fighter aircraft of Pakistan Air Force, J-10C and JF-17, fighter pilots, air defense controllers and technical ground members are involved in the exercise, which is being conducted by People’s Liberation Army in China. Engaged in Shaheen-X bilateral air exercise organized by the Army Air Force. Along with this, major fighter aircraft of Pakistan Air Force are also showing their strength in the Bright Star Air Exercise organized in Egypt.

Now the maneuver is about to end

It is noteworthy that China-Pakistan’s joint annual air exercise Shaheen-X is going on in the northwestern Chinese cities of Jiuquan and Yinchuan. Air and ground teams are participating together in this. This exercise, which started in August, is about to end in mid-September. Let us tell you that the Air Forces of China and Pakistan have been conducting joint exercise Shaheen since 2011, which is hosted by both China and Pakistan on their respective turns.

Know the purpose of this maneuver

In the official statement issued by Pakistan Air Force regarding these maneuvers, it has been said that the objective of this exercise is to increase air war preparedness and coordination between the strategic allies in the region. Additionally, Exercise Shaheen-X in China and Exercise Bright Star Air in Egypt provide invaluable opportunities for the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) to enhance its operational experience and exchange knowledge with respected counterparts around the world.

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