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Pakistan and America clash over sending back Afghans! Argument about what? – Pakistan and America odds over list of Aghanis who worked with us and nato forces during war with taliban tlifwr

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A huge difference of opinion has arisen between America and Pakistan over a list of Afghans being sent back from Pakistan. The US had shared a list of Afghan citizens with Pakistan and requested them not to deport them back to Afghanistan but Pakistan has objected to the list. Pakistani officials say that the list shared by America has many mistakes and is incomplete.

The government of Pakistan is expelling Afghans living in the country illegally. The government had given 31 October time to Afghans to leave Pakistan and now that this deadline has ended, the government is arresting Afghans living in Pakistan illegally.

America had shared a list of 25,000 Afghans with the government of Pakistan and had said that these people should not be sent back to Afghanistan as the Taliban government could take retaliatory action against them. According to America, the people included in the list had supported America during the action against Taliban. When Taliban captured Afghanistan in August 2021, all these people fled to Pakistan.

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These people were connected in some way or the other to the American-led forces in Afghanistan and they are to be given special visas by America. However, America has not yet given them visa and they are living in Pakistan. If they are sent back to Afghanistan then Taliban can create problems for them.

Pakistan objects to the list

However, Pakistan is saying about this list of America that there are many mistakes in it and it is incomplete because complete information is not given in it.

A senior Pakistani official, on the condition of anonymity, told Pakistan’s newspaper, The Express Tribune, that the names of those who are not citizens of Afghanistan have also been included in the US list.

The official said, ‘The list does not include complete details of Afghan citizens. In some cases, the US has shared names randomly without providing much information or any identification.

It is also being said that after Pakistan’s objections, America has agreed to amend the list.

Pakistani Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mumtaz Zahra Baloch has said that Pakistan is sending back to their country only those people who are living in Pakistan in violation of Pakistan’s immigration laws. He said that the government is sending back those whose visas have expired or those who do not have any valid documents to stay in Pakistan.

Regarding the American list, Baloch said that Pakistan is in touch with America and related countries regarding this. He told that the people included in the list will be rehabilitated in third countries, which also includes America.

He said, ‘We are discussing and Pakistan has put pressure on these governments to expedite their visa processes so that they can reach there without any delay.’

He also said that inclusion of the name in the list released by America does not at all mean that these countries have agreed to issue visa to the included person, rather this process is still going on.

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