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Pakistan Basement; Foreign Currency Found Inside Lockers In Rawalpindi | Officers could not open 13 digital lockers in Rawalpindi; mostly foreign currency

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Rawalpindi/Islamabad2 hours ago

The inflation rate in Pakistan was around 40% in June. After this the government did not release the figures. (symbolic)

There is news of recovery of local and foreign currency worth billions of rupees in two cities of Pakistan which are struggling with bad economy and inflation. According to the report of ‘The Dawn’ newspaper, so much currency was found in the basement of a plaza in Rawalpindi that the officers of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) were surprised.

It has been claimed in this report that 13 digital lockers have been found in this basement. Efforts to open them for 24 hours have been unsuccessful so far. Apart from this, similar basement and locker have also been found in Jhelum city. It is believed that apart from the recovered currency, there is also foreign currency in the lockers.

Pakistan currently has a total forex reserve of 8 billion dollars. Of these, $3 billion is from IMF, $2 billion is from Saudi Arabia and $1 billion each is from UAE and China. The inflation rate in June was around 40%. After this the government did not release the figures.

This picture has been released by a Pakistani news channel. In this, a digital locker is visible on the left side and a roof is visible on top.

media house owner’s building

  • According to different reports of Pakistani media, several FIA teams have been conducting operations against foreign currency holders and money laundering for the last two weeks. Army and ISI are also helping in this. Investigating agencies had received information about currency being hidden in a plaza 2 kilometers away from the Rawalpindi headquarters of the Pakistani Army.
  • The basement of this plaza was raided on Sunday morning. The team of 44 officers did not find anything during the search. Meanwhile, two officers became suspicious of a wall in the basement. During investigation it was found that there was no construction on the other side of the wall. Later this wall was demolished.
  • Pakistani and foreign currency were found in many boxes on the other side of the wall. The biggest surprise was seeing 13 digital lockers. All these were purchased from other countries and there was no one to open them. This building belongs to the owner of a media channel. So far 8 people have been arrested in this case. However, not a single digital locker has been opened till now.

A report in August 2023 said that 6 lakh Pakistanis left the country in 8 months of this year. In 2022 this figure was 9 lakh. (file)

Rs 40 crore recovered

  • According to ‘Dawn TV’, 40 crore Pakistani rupees had been recovered till Sunday evening. Despite this, the FIA ​​not only did not give any information itself, but also stopped the entry of the media. Strict security arrangements have also been made here.
  • The report of ‘Geo TV’ said – If foreign and local currency are combined, the total recovered amount will be in billions of rupees. Information about the 8 people who have been arrested so far is not being given. These people are being interrogated at a secret location. A similar basement or cellar has also been found in Jhelum city. It has been sealed. Digital lockers have been found here also.
  • Quoting FIA sources, ‘Geo News’ said – Till now not a single locker has been opened. The reason for this is that the passwords of these extremely strong and made of steel lockers could not be obtained even after strict interrogation of the accused. However, success is expected soon.

In March, 16 people were killed in a race to get free flour in Punjab province alone during Ramadan. Among them were 11 women and 3 children. Shahbaz Sharif was the Prime Minister then.

Currencies of three countries exist

  • According to a report, the name of the owner of the plaza in Rawalpindi from the basement of which the currency was recovered is Sheikh Iftikhar Adil. He is the owner of a TV channel named Ehsaas. Some reports have claimed that Iftikhar and some people were jointly operating an illegal bank and all this money was from money laundering and hawala. This also includes leaders, bureaucrats and military officers.
  • The plaza is under construction, but the basement has excellent facilities and automatic lights. Biometric gates have been installed for entry. The FIA ​​team had to work tremendously hard to reach here.
  • US dollars, British pounds and Saudi riyals have been recovered from both Rawalpindi and Jhelum cities. However, the investigating agencies are now not allowing any kind of news to come out.

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