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pakistan chunav result imran khan sister aleema says army wants to kill him

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Pakistan Election Result: Candidates supported by Imran Khan’s party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf have won the country’s general elections with two-thirds majority, but it is not decided whose government will be formed because Nawaz’s party has not held talks with other parties. Has started. Meanwhile, Imran Khan’s sister Alima Khan has alleged that the army wants to kill him. We fear for their safety. He also said that the voting had been manipulated and Nawaz Sharif had been favoured.



Actually, Alima Khan while talking to a TV channel said that PTI has won the elections and it is true that the army wants to kill Imran Khan. He said that the army does not want to allow Imran Khan to come to power because he has been raising his voice against the interference of the army. However, regarding PTI Chief, Alima said that she has not met Imran Khan after going to jail. He said that we have not been able to meet Imran yet but we can meet him tomorrow.

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‘We fear for his life’
Alima also said that she too suspected rigging in the elections. People have voted for Imran Khan for candidates with different election symbols, this is really commendable. Alima also said that we fear for his life. Before this, there had been two attempts to assassinate Imran. We know who did it. Now after his victory while in jail, the situation has become more serious.

PTI supported 91 candidates won
On the other hand, if we talk about the results in Pakistan, the results are coming after the voting on 266 seats of the National Assembly on Thursday. According to the Election Commission, even after 44 hours, results are still awaited on 12 seats. In the results so far, 91 independent candidates supported by Imran Khan’s party PTI have won, while 71 candidates from Nawaz Sharif’s PML (N) have won. Whereas PPP has won on 52 seats and other candidates have won on 36 seats.

A coalition government can be formed
It is being said that counting of votes is still going on. There was a contest between Imran and Nawaz’s party but Imran’s candidates were ahead. If Bilawal Bhutto’s party gets some seats then a coalition government can be formed. In such a situation, there can be an alliance between Nawaz and Bilawal’s party. Besides, other parties may also be involved in this. Because till now the opposition from all the parties has been only from Imran Khan’s party.

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