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Pakistan Defense Analyst Zaid Zaman Vows Islamic Country Said Pak Army Is Much Stronger Than Other Muslim Religion Country In World

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Pakistan Defense Analyst On Islamic Country: These days the Pakistani government is driving away the Afghan refugees living in the country. For this, the government had given time to Afghan people to go to Afghanistan one month ago. After completion of one month, all the Afghan refugees are going to Afghanistan with their belongings. Pakistani defense expert Zaid Hamid, while talking about the situation in Afghanistan, said that these people talk nonsense. More Pashtuns stay on our side than Afghanistan. The number of Pashtuns in Afghanistan is 80 lakh and in Pakistan it is 6 to 7 crore.

Zaid Hamid, who is close to ISI in Pakistan, said that Afghanistan can never fight with Pakistan. Apart from this, he said that Pakistan’s army is much stronger than Afghanistan’s. Pakistan’s army is stronger than any other Islamic country in the world.

Talk of selling nuclear bombs to Islamic countries
Pakistan’s outspoken analyst Zaid Hamid said that Afghanistan is like our younger brother. It is our right that Pakistan, being an elder brother, should make Afghanistan understand by giving two-three slaps. However, through his video, Zaid Hamid targets Islamic countries and says that no one can stand in front of our army. Our country’s army is the strongest among Islamic countries.

This is not the first time that Zaid Hamid has given such controversial statements. Even before this, he has threatened India several times with a nuclear attack. He once talked about selling nuclear bombs to Islamic countries. He had said that we should sell nuclear technology to countries like Saudi Arabia and Turkey, for which we can get about 20 to 25 billion rupees.

Who is the most powerful Islamic country in the world?
Let us tell you that according to a report by Defense Statistics website Global Fire Power 2023, the most powerful Islamic country in the world is Turkey. After this comes Egypt and Iran. In this way, the statement of Pakistani defense analyst Zaid Hamid is false. He remains in the news every day only because of his absurd statements and the way he has targeted the Afghan people, it can further weaken the relationship between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

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