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Pakistan Get IMF Bailout With Secret Arms Deal For Ukraine America Helped LEAKED DOCUMENTS REVEAL

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Pakistan Political Crisis: The double face of Pakistan has once again come to the fore. What Pakistan has done to come out of the economic crisis may increase Russia’s anxiety. Actually, Pakistan has recently made a big arms deal to get the bailout package from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

This deal was done secretly to help the Ukrainian army. This has been revealed from confidential documents of Pakistan and America. There has been a stir in Pakistan after this revelation.

Role in removal of Imran Khan also!

According to the report of The Intercept, in April 2022, with the encouragement of the US, the Pakistani Army initiated a no-confidence motion to remove Prime Minister Imran Khan. After Imran’s departure, Pakistan emerged as a useful supporter for America and its allies in the war between Russia and Ukraine. It is for this kind of help that America has helped Pakistan in taking loan from IMF.

This is how the deal was revealed

Records detailing arms transactions were leaked to The Intercept by a Pakistani military source earlier this year. It is clear in this document that this deal was done between March 2022 and April 2023 with the mutual consent of America and Pakistan. According to the documents, Global Ordnance’s subsidiary Global Military Products played an intermediary role in the arms deals.

America and Pakistan have not confirmed

Pakistan is known as the production center of basic weapons required for war. As Ukraine suffers from chronic shortages of munitions and hardware, the presence of Pakistani-made shells and other ordinance from the Ukrainian military has emerged in open-source news reports about the conflict, although neither the US nor the Pakistanis. Has accepted this deal.

Pakistan suddenly changed its stand

Pakistan was completely neutral at the beginning of the Ukraine war. When the conflict started, Pakistan PM Imran Khan was on a Russian tour. There he had a bilateral meeting with Putin. America was angry with this. After this, Pakistan, on the contrary, provided help to Ukraine through America. However, Pakistan got the benefit of this help in the form of IMF bailout package. Russia will be angry with this step of Pakistan. In fact, from time to time, Pakistan talks about special friendship with Russia and also asks for its help, but by secretly helping Ukraine in this way, Russia will also get angry.

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