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Pakistan is China’s cousin in terms of food, people even eat dog meat and testicles, such dishes are sold in hotels.

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When Corona spread in the world in 2019, China was held responsible for it. Two reasons emerged for the spread of Corona. Some people believed that China prepared this virus in the lab and spread it in the world. Some say that this virus spread among people through bat meat sold in China. Since then, people’s minds were filled with anger towards China. The people of China are infamous for their strange food. Sometimes he is seen eating dog meat and sometimes cat meat. Apart from this, the Chinese also like the meat of frogs, snakes and bats.

China is infamous in this matter. But do you know that India’s neighboring country Pakistan is also no less in this matter. Yes, the world knows about China but in Pakistan also the meat of strange creatures is eaten. These dishes are widely eaten as they are considered beneficial for health. In India where people are limited to chicken and mutton only. At the same time, people of Pakistan prepare and eat many dishes from kidney of cow, buffalo, brain and kidney also. These are prepared in many restaurants and people eat them with gusto. Today we are going to tell you about such strange dishes found in Pakistan.

Ram (Sheep) Testicles Kebab: This strange dish is made from sheep’s testicles. The testicles are first cooked on coal. After this people eat it. It is marinated with spices. This dish is served on the streets of Pakistan as well as in restaurants.

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Magaj: This dish is also known as brain masala. It is made from the brain of a cow or sheep. Pakistanis eat it with great enthusiasm. First the brain is boiled and then it is cooked with garlic ginger paste. This dish is served with paratha.

Cut-A-Cut: This first dish in the list is very famous in Karachi. To make it, sheep’s heart, kidney and brain are used. To prepare the dish, heart, kidney or brain is first boiled. After this they are fried. Later, coriander, onion, ginger paste, turmeric, fenugreek leaves, chilli powder, cumin and cinnamon are added and cooked. When this dish is made, a crackling sound is heard on the hot pan. For this reason it has been named Cut-a-Cut.

Peshawari Keshabs: This dish is made from lamb’s leg. A lot of spices are used in this. After adding spices it is fried in oil. Papaya and curd are used for serving. People eat it with great enthusiasm.


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