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Pakistan: Life is difficult for Pakistanis who are facing the brunt of inflation, common people are troubled due to imposition of IMF conditions.

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Islamabad, IANS. There is no end in sight to the difficulties of the people facing the brunt of inflation in Pakistan. The agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) saved the cash-strapped country from a severe economic recession, but to comply with its strict terms and conditions, the current caretaker government is having to take difficult decisions, due to which the people are facing financial hardships. Life is becoming difficult.

Inflation is having a negative impact on people’s lives.

Due to the tough decision, the prices of petroleum products, electricity and gas are increasing every fortnight in Pakistan. Inflation, which is continuously touching new heights, is having a negative impact on people’s lives. Inflation is expected to reach 31 percent during September. The people of Pakistan are already facing various problems including lack of business, unemployment.

The government is becoming a victim of all-round criticism.

Angry people are on the streets in the country due to various taxes being imposed on electricity bills due to IMF conditions. The government is facing all-round criticism for not paying attention to the plight of the people. The government says that it is bound by the strict conditions of the IMF and has no other option but to take tough decisions.

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Demonstration against unexpected increase in electricity bill in Muzaffarabad

Demonstration of people upset with unexpected increase in electricity bill continues in Ghulam Jammu and Kashmir. A large number of people participated in the protest in Muzaffarabad on Saturday. A protestor said that the administration had created a curfew-like situation since Friday night, but people did not care about it.

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