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Pakistan Nawaz Sharif Driver Journalist Controversy | London News | The journalist had called Sharif corrupt; Nawaz will return to the country on October 21

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London3 hours ago

The picture is taken from the viral video. Sharif and his driver are seen in this.

Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif is returning to the country on October 21 after spending 4 years in London. Before this, he got embroiled in a new controversy due to the actions of the driver.

On 16 September, Sharif left home in London in a car. When a woman journalist tried to stop them, the driver stopped the car. The female journalist asked Nawaz that he is called the most corrupt politician of Pakistan.

As soon as the journalist’s question was completed, before Sharif could answer, his driver glared at the journalist and immediately spit on him. After this, I raised the window glass and started the car.

Why is Nawaz in London for four years?

  • The Sharif family has a luxurious bungalow in the very expensive Hyde Park area of ​​London. In November 2019, Nawaz came to London on the pretext of treatment. Before this he was in jail in a corruption case. At that time Imran Khan was the Prime Minister. It is said that under pressure from Saudi Arabia, Imran and the army had allowed Nawaz to go to London for treatment.
  • Nawaz was to return to Pakistan in three weeks. Now he has spent about four years in London and during this time he has traveled to many countries in Europe and the Arab world. Nawaz’s political enemy Imran himself is now serving a three-year sentence in a corruption case.
  • Taking advantage of this opportunity, Nawaz made a plan to return to the country. His younger brother and former Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif recently announced that Nawaz will return to the country on October 21 and after winning the elections, will become Prime Minister for the fourth time.

Shahbaz Sharif had recently told the media that Nawaz will return to Pakistan on October 21, will lead the election campaign and after winning, he will become the Prime Minister for the fourth time. (file)

Sharif was sitting on the front seat

  • On September 16, Nawaz left his Hyde Park house in a luxury car. The driver was driving the car and Nawaz was on the front seat. Meanwhile, a British female journalist signaled his car to stop. The driver stopped the car and lowered his side window.
  • The journalist said- I have heard that you are the most corrupt politician of Pakistan. Before Nawaz could answer, his driver spit on the journalist and accelerated the car.
  • The video of this incident has been shared on social media by Dr. Fatima Khan, leader of Imran Khan’s party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).
  • 73-year-old Nawaz has been sentenced in two corruption cases. Now the Imran government has fallen and Khan himself is in jail. To take advantage of this political vacuum, Nawaz is returning to Pakistan, where it is believed that the general elections may be postponed till March next year.

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