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Pakistan Refugees: 17 lakh Afghan refugees will be expelled from Pakistan from tomorrow, government had given ultimatum

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Jagran News Network, Islamabad. The deadline to voluntarily leave for all refugees, including about 17 lakh Afghan nationals living illegally in Pakistan, is ending on Tuesday (October 31). Such people will be deported from the country from Wednesday.

According to the Express Tribune newspaper, Pakistan had asked all such foreign nationals to leave the country by October 31. Caretaker Home Minister Sarfaraz Bugti on Monday (October 30) said those who have not left the country voluntarily will be expelled by the caretaker government in a phased manner.

Work to evacuate illegal refugees after November 1

He said, ‘After November 1, the government will start the work of expelling illegal refugees in a phased manner.’ The acting Home Minister confirmed that more than 20,000 illegal foreigners have voluntarily left Pakistan in the last three days.

Provincial governments will play an active role in this campaign

Sarfaraz Bugti said that all the provincial governments will play an active role in this campaign. In the first phase, people who do not have travel documents will be deported. Illegal refugees living in Pakistan for years will be kept in temporary centres.

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