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Parents kept sleeping, rats ate 6 month old baby, police found it in this condition – six month old baby nearly dies after more than 50 rat bites in US indiana parents arrested tstsh

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A six-month-old baby was eaten alive by rats. At that time his parents were sleeping deeply. More than 50 rat bite wounds were found on the child’s body. The matter is from Indiana, America. The father of the newborn called the police and informed them about the matter. They were told that the 6-month-old child had serious bite wounds on his body. According to the report of USA Today, the incident happened last week.

Taking action in the case, the police have arrested the child’s father David and mother Angel Schoenbaum. His aunt who lives with him has also been arrested. A case has been registered against them under several criminal charges including negligence. This couple has three children. They live with another family in the house, apart from the couple, they have two children in this other family. Police officials said that when he reached home, he found a 6-month-old child soaked in blood. There were more than 50 rat bite wounds on his head and face.

Police Detective Jonathan Helm wrote in the arrest warrant that four fingers and the thumb of the child’s right hand were missing. The bones of his fingers were visible. When the child was taken to the hospital, his body temperature had fallen significantly. He had to undergo a blood transfusion. The child is alive.

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According to the New York Post report, the child’s house was full of garbage and rat feces. His father told the police that they were facing problems due to rats since March and measures were also taken for this. But the police officers have come to know that this is not the first time that a rat has eaten a child in this house but it had also bitten other children of the house in September.

Two children of the same house told their school teacher that on September 1, rats had eaten their toes. He was sleeping at that time. After this, officials of the Child Services Department came to their house. Then the children’s mother said that there were a few rats in the house and they did not cause any harm to the children. The officials gave the family a safety plan. Also said to come again. These people were to come on 14 September, i.e. a day before the child was bitten by rats. Now all the children are under the care of the Child Services Department.

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