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Parrot Made Guinness World Record By Driving A Scooter Watch The Amazing Feat In The Video

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You must have seen humans riding scooters and doing tricks with them many times. Perhaps you might have seen an animal like a monkey driving a car in films. But have you ever seen a parrot flying in the sky and riding a scooter on the ground? The biggest thing is that this parrot has also made a world record in driving a scooter. Let us tell you the specialty of this parrot. Along with this, they also tell where this parrot is from.

Where was this world record made?

This world record was not made anywhere else but in Italy. Actually, the pet parrot of professional trainer Kaloyan Yavashev living in Bulgaria has made a world record by driving a scooter. The biggest thing is that this parrot rode the scooter for a total of 5 meters. The name of this parrot of Kaloyan is Chico, which has now become popular all over the world.

Which species is this parrot?

This parrot belongs to a special type of species. This species is called Cacaduidae. The color of these parrots is white, while their beak is black. This cockatoo is one of the 21 species of parrots. If you want to rear this parrot and buy it from the market, then you may have to spend lakhs of rupees for this.

Completed the race in so many seconds

This world record of Chico was shown on the set of an Italian TV show in Italy. In this it can be clearly seen how a parrot is driving a scooter. However, this scooter is very small and it looks like it has been made especially for parrots. This video of parrot is becoming increasingly viral on social media. People are praising it a lot.

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