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Passenger opened emergency gate of plane, passenger narrowly escaped; Chaos in a flight packed with people

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New Delhi. Flying by plane has its own unique pleasure, but sometimes this experience becomes memorable due to some strange incidents. Recently, an incident took place at Chiang Mai Airport in Thailand.

Here a passenger opened the emergency exit door, activating the plane’s inflatable slide and delaying takeoff. There was a stir at Chiang Mai airport before takeoff when a Canadian tourist was detained after opening the emergency exit door of a Thai Airways flight.

Police detained the person

The incident, which is believed to have occurred on Wednesday night, activated the flight’s inflatable slide and delayed takeoff, Reuters reports. According to the news, the Canadian man was taken into custody by the local police.

According to reports, this incident is being reported on Wednesday night, when a Canadian citizen took uncontrolled artificial gait in the plane. Local police took the traveler into custody, and his lawyer said the man was suffering from hallucinations. He claimed that he thought people were coming behind him to sit, due to which he got deceived and opened the emergency exit.

Following the incident, Chiang Mai airport director Ronakorn Chalermsenyakorn said the plane had its final departure after a security inspection at the airport terminal. Due to this incident, many flights were affected at the airport and it also caused a lot of trouble to the passengers.

This incident makes it clear how important it is to be cautious while travelling. Therefore, we should always be alert and aware during the journey, so that such incidents do not happen and we remain safe.

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