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Physical relations before murder, drug overdose and murder of 4 people… this is how the police reached the murderer Haseena.

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Age- 33 years, Name- Rebecca, Crime- Murder of 4 people. Ohio police find a man’s body. The postmortem report reveals that he was murdered by poisoning. The post mortem report also reveals that the man had had physical relations with someone before his death. While the police is solving the mystery of his murder, they discover the bodies of three more people one by one. The pattern of murder was the same. The police suspect that a serial killer is behind this. The police investigate the case from every angle but do not find any clue. Eventually the police find something that leads them to the killer.

This woman with normal appearance looks just like us and you. Looking at this, it cannot be guessed that he is a serial killer. He is accused of murdering 4 people one after the other. The fifth case of attempt to murder is going on. Not only this, it is feared that he might have killed many more people in the same manner. At present investigation is going on against this woman. The special thing is that this woman is the mother of a child and had no previous criminal record.

According to the report of New York Post, the woman is a resident of Ohio, America. The woman is blamed because she first had physical relations with people and then put them to death. In this case, Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost said on Wednesday that a 33-year-old woman has been convicted of serial murder of men she met for physical relations in Columbus.

Rebecca Auborn, a mother of one, allegedly drugged and killed four people and then robbed them, the New York Post reports.

According to Yost, the accused woman Auborn killed 4 people in the first 6 months of this year. He has been accused of attempting to murder a fifth person. Luckily, the fifth person escaped becoming a victim of the woman.

Yoast, while speaking to the media, advised people not to buy sex. They say it ruins lives and you may have to pay the price. He says that many more people may have been victims of the accused woman. He asked people to be cautious.

This is how the woman accused of serial killer was caught

Authorities were the first to become aware of the frequent deaths due to drug overdoses. The police had received a secret information about this. The police then charged Auborn in connection with several overdose deaths and robberies. The woman was convicted in the month of September. The woman confessed to giving fentanyl to one of the accused. The accused woman confessed that she had robbed his car and debit card.

According to reports, Aubourne has one child. He lost his daughter in 2016. Till then there was no criminal case registered against him. However, after this, many types of cases are registered against the accused woman. Which includes murder, robbery, assault, drug smuggling and tampering with evidence.

Investigating agencies say there could be more victims. The deaths due to drug overdose are being investigated. The fifth person, who has survived being a victim of accused Auborn, is helping the police in the investigation. Authorities say they are taking action against the alleged serial killer.

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