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Pizza Kept Coming Home Without Ordering For 10 Years, Then The Elderly Said – Now I Start Shivering When I Hear The Sound Of A Scooter

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Pizza came to home without ordering for 10 years, then the old man said, now when I hear the sound of a scooter, I start shivering.

Pizza delivery was no fun for this Belgian man.

Pizza can bring happiness to our face at any time. Whenever we need a quick and comforting meal, we order our favorite Italian food. We eagerly wait for the call of the delivery boy who brings hot pizza to our doorstep. However, for a person living in Belgium, this is no less than a painful experience. An elderly Belgian man named Jean Van Landeghem claims that he has been sending pizzas every day for the past decade and he has no idea who is sending the pies.

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Landegham, a resident of Turnhout in Antwerp, Belgium, was in the news in the year 2020 and this story is trending again on social media. According to the Independent, he has received pizza deliveries at almost all hours of the day and night. In January 2019, he was stunned when he received 10 different pizza deliveries, one of which contained more than 14 pizzas. He had to explain the whole thing to every delivery driver. However, they did not have to pay for it again.

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Pizza was delivered to this person’s house non-stop. Photo: iStock

Landegham was thinking that the deliveries were being delivered to the wrong address every time. Sometimes, he would also get fast food like kebabs, but this mystery remains unsolved till date. “I can’t sleep now. Every time I hear a scooter on the road I start trembling. I’m afraid the next time someone will come to deliver hot pizza,” he told Het Laatste Nieuws.

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The police is searching for the miscreant who carried out this mischief. According to the New York Post, another friend of the Belgian man in the nearby town of Herenthout has also been getting pizza for the past decade. This pizza delivery mystery is really disturbing!

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