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Plane Crash In Brazil In Amazon Rainforest 14 Dead Including 2 Crew Members- A major plane accident in Brazil. All passengers including crew members were killed. Plane crashed due to bad weather.

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Brazil: There was a plane accident in Brazil on Saturday, in which 14 people died. The plane crashed due to bad weather in the Amazon forests. It was a small propeller plane traveling to Barcelos, 400 km from Manaus, the capital of Amazonas state. The plane went down shortly before the end of the journey. Officials said there were 12 passengers on board the plane, including two crew members. All of them have died. An investigation committee has been formed to find out the reasons for the incident.

Vinicius Almeida, security secretary for Amazonas state, said preliminary information showed that the plane went off the runway when it landed in Barcelos due to rain and poor visibility and then later crashed. Brazilian news website G-1 wrote in the report that the plane involved in the accident is EMB-110, which is a twin-engine aircraft. The manufacturer of this aircraft is a Brazilian company.

The businessman had booked the flight

Manaus Aerotaxi, the plane’s owner, said the flight and its crew met all requirements for takeoff, according to G1. Governor Wilson Lima wrote on Twitter after the accident, ‘Our teams have been present on the spot immediately after the accident. Prayers for the deceased and condolences to their families. Barcelos Mayor Edson de Paula Rodrigues Mendes said the plane was chartered by a businessman who operated game fishing locally.

Barcelona is a tourist destination

He said the plane also included his friends from other parts of Brazil. Officials said the bodies of the victims were taken to Manaus for formal identification. Barcelos is a popular tourist destination, as it is close to several national parks. The month of September is considered to be the busiest time of the fishing season. This state is known for its many special species of fish. Video footage shared by Globo television network shows the wreckage of the plane lying in the mud with its front part covered in green leaves, with 20-25 people standing near it carrying umbrellas.

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