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Plane crash in Brazil’s Amazon forest 12 people died; 14 people lost their lives in a similar accident on September 17.

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The picture is of the accident that happened on September 17. It was raining heavily at that time due to which safe landing could not be done.

12 people died in a plane crash in Brazil’s Amazon Forest area on Sunday. According to news agency AP, the accident happened near the main airport here, Rio Branco. According to initial information – it was a small plane.

Some videos of the incident are going viral on social media. Flames are seen rising from them. It is said that there were some tourists and rest of the administration people in the aircraft.

There was a plane crash 25 days ago also
On September 17, 14 people, including the pilot and co-pilot, were killed in a plane crash. The dead included passengers from Brazil and America. All the passengers were going for fishing in Barcelona.

This accident took place in Barcelos province, about 400 km away from Manaus, the capital of Amazonas. According to Brazilian media, due to bad weather, the pilot was not able to guess the landing strip to land the plane.

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