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PM Modi Gwalior Visit: PM said in Gwalior – What no one asked, Modi asked and worshiped

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bowed to the soil of Gwalior

PM Modi said, I pay my tribute to this historical land of Gwalior, this land is a symbol of courage, self-respect, pride, music, taste and mustard. Gwalior has given one revolutionary to the country. Gwalior Chambal gave its brave children for our army to protect the nation. Gwalior has also shaped the policy and leadership of BJP. The land of Gwalior has created Rajmata Vijayaraje Scindia ji, Kushabhau Thackeray ji and Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji. The soil of Gwalior is an inspiration in itself, whoever came out of this soil has spent his life in the name of the nation. Crores of Indians like us did not get the privilege of fighting for the country’s independence, but the responsibility of making India developed and prosperous lies on the shoulders of all of us. Carry forward this mission even today, once again I have come among you in Gwalior. Currently, the foundation stone of development works worth about Rs 19 thousand crores has been laid and inaugurated here.

A flurry of development works started

The Prime Minister said, I was watching the curtains being opened one after the other for the inauguration and foundation stone laying ceremony, the curtains were opened so many times that you got tired of clapping. All the foundation stones and inaugurations that the government cannot do in a year are being done in one day, today you get tired of beating the plates. Before Dussehra and Diwali, about 2.25 lakh families of Madhya Pradesh are entering their new house today, many connectivity projects were inaugurated today, the work of Logistics Park Indore-Ujjain will create new opportunities. Today many new works have started in IIT Indore. Today, along with Gwalior, Vidisha, Betul, Katni, Burhanpur, Narsinghpur, Damoh and Shajapur also got new health centres, these centers were built under Ayushman Bharat Infra Mission, they have facilities for treatment of serious diseases.

Development happened due to double engine government

Modi said friends, all these works are a joint effort of the double engine government. When both Delhi and Bhopal have governments dedicated to like-minded people, then such works are done at a faster pace. Therefore today Madhya Pradesh has faith in the double engine government. Double engine means double development of MP, in the last years our government has brought Madhya Pradesh from a sick state to the top ten states of the country. Our only aim here is to take Madhya Pradesh among the top three states of the country. Should MP go to top three or not, whether to reach top three with great pride or not. Who can do this work, the voice came, Modi Modi, who can give this guarantee, your answer is wrong, this guarantee, as a responsible citizen, your one vote can take Madhya Pradesh to number three. Your every vote given to Double Engine will take MP to the top three.

Opposition parties have neither thinking nor road map

The Prime Minister said that MP cannot be developed by those people who neither have any new thinking nor a roadmap for development. These people have only one work, hate the progress of the country, hate the schemes of India, in their hatred they even forget the achievements of the country. Today you see, the whole world is singing the glory of India. Whether India is making its mark in the world or not, today the world sees its future in India, but those who are involved in politics see nothing except a chair. They do not like India’s influence in the world. India has become the fifth economic power from tenth in nine years. But these anti-development people are trying to prove that this has not happened.

Opponents sing praises of the same family

PM Modi said that Modi has guaranteed that in the next term, India will be among the top three economies of the world. This is also causing stomach ache for power hungry people. The country had given six decades to the anti-development people, sixty years is not less, if so much work could be done in nine years then how much could have been done in sixty years. This is their failure, even then they used to play with the emotions of the poor, even today they are playing the same game, even then they used to divide the society in the name of caste, even today they are committing the same sins, even then they were immersed in corruption. , have become deeply corrupt today. Even then he used to sing the praises of one family and even today he sees his future in it. That’s why they don’t like the country’s pride song. Modi has guaranteed permanent houses to poor, Dalit and tribal families. Lakhs of houses have been given to the poor.

Today money comes directly into the account, there is no corruption

Do you know that the houses under PM Awas Yojana are also registered in the name of women, due to which crores of sisters have become millionaires. Those who had nothing in their names have got houses in their names. Brothers and sisters, Modi has fulfilled his guarantee, I want a guarantee from you, I have fulfilled it, you will give me a guarantee, I want a guarantee that after getting home, I have to educate my children well, teach them skills. This guarantee of yours will give me the strength to work. Women empowerment is a dedicated mission for national welfare. Many governments came, promises of 33 percent reservation were made, law making in Parliament was stopped but Modi had given guarantee to the sisters, today Nari Shakti Act has been made, in future also I would like the participation of mother power in the story of development. yes.

Gwalior Chambal became a land of opportunities

Gwalior Chambal is becoming a land of opportunities today, its leaders who have been in the government for decades talk big, those who are first time voters have seen the BJP government in their lives. The opposition leaders who are bigoted got the opportunity, atrocities increased during their time, the weak Dalits were not heard. It had become difficult for people to come and go. These five years of Madhya Pradesh are very important. New airport, elevated road, thousand bed hospital, station in Gwalior are changing the picture of entire Gwalior. Similarly, we have to change the picture of entire Madhya Pradesh. Today eight lane expressway has also been inaugurated, at one time Madhya Pradesh was yearning for two lane. Railways has also completed the work on Sumavali section and flagged off the train. Wherever a government opposed to development comes to power, throats are publicly slit in Rajasthan, where the government keeps watching. In the last few years, crime and corruption have increased in the anti-development states; the people of Madhya Pradesh are wary of them. Those whom no one asked, Modi asks them, Modi worships them.

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