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PM Narendra Modi WhatsApp Channel Followers | Whatsapp Channel Feature Details | Picture of Parliament House shared in first message, more than 1 lakh people followed it

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New Delhi4 hours ago

Prime Minister Narendra Modi joined the WhatsApp channel on September 19. He wrote in his first message in the channel, ‘Thrilled to join the WhatsApp community! This is another step in our journey of continued dialogue. Let’s stay connected here! Here is a picture of the new Parliament building…’

Till 6 pm, more than 1 lakh people have followed the Prime Minister’s WhatsApp channel. WhatsApp has recently rolled out this feature. This feature allows WhatsApp users to start a one-way broadcast channel and connect with a large number of people.

You can give feedback through emoji
You cannot send messages as a follower of a WhatsApp channel. However, you can react through emoji. You can also view the total number of responses. Which emoji you are reacting with is not visible to the channel’s followers.

The channel link is also forwarded along with the message.
When you forward a message from a WhatsApp channel, the link of that channel is also shared with it. Through that link users can access and join that channel.

Anyone can create WhatsApp channel
WhatsApp Channels feature a one-way broadcast channel to send text, photos, videos, stickers, and polls. There is a channel option in the Updates tab, where you can create a channel and follow the channels.

  • Android users will have to go to the Updates tab to create a channel.
  • Now you have to touch Plus in the channel option given below the status.
  • Here users will get two options – Create Channel and Find Channels.
  • Go to Create Channel and after Continue enter the channel name and description.
  • Now your channel will be created, in which your channel link is also visible.
  • You can invite people to follow you by sharing your channel link.

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