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Preparation for dragon war!: Taiwan’s alert, 103 Chinese fighter planes seen near the air border within 24 hours – Taiwan Detects Hundreds Of Chinese Warplanes Near Island Claims It To Be Recent High News And Updates

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Taiwan detects hundreds of Chinese Warplanes near island claims it to be recent high news and updates

China’s fighter planes


China, which is becoming isolated due to its aggressive strategy at the global level, has continued to increase the troubles of its neighbours. Once again Dragon increased the stir of war by sending its fighter planes close to Taiwan’s air border. Taiwan’s Defense Ministry issued an alert on Monday saying that China has significantly increased its military activities in the last 24 hours. During this period, Taiwan detected 103 Chinese fighter jets near the air border.

This is the largest number of fighter planes sent by China to threaten Taiwan in recent times. It has been reported that China did this between September 17 and September 18. Taiwan’s Defense Ministry has described it as a matter of concern for itself and the strait located between the two. The statement said that Beijing’s continued military harassment of Taiwan is only going to increase tension and could worsen the regional security situation. Taiwan has asked China to stop such actions immediately.

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