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Rahul Gandhi Visits Maharani College Of Jaipur And Takes A Scooty Ride In City Ann

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Rajasthan News: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s visit to Maharani College, Jaipur is very much discussed. Principal of Maharani College, Nimali Singh said that no program of Rahul Gandhi’s visit to Maharani College was fixed in advance nor was any information received. Information about Rahul Gandhi’s arrival was received an hour ago this morning. At that time the program of distribution of scooters was going on in the college. Rahul Gandhi has also talked to many girls during that time. After that, Rahul Gandhi went to the meeting venue sitting on one of the scooters distributed.

Rahul Gandhi chose one of the 15 scooters distributed in the college to sit. After this, Mimansa, a final year graduation student, drove the scooter. Mimamsa rode the scooter from college to the meeting place. According to the information, even Mimamsa did not know that Rahul Gandhi would go to the meeting venue on his scooter. Rahul Gandhi has also shared this picture on social media. He wrote, “Women like Mimamsa Upadhyay have to be empowered, and they will take our country towards a bright future.”

This is the message of Rahul’s visit
Rahul reached college without any information. Scooties were being distributed to girls. Rahul went to that program and gave the message of women empowerment. After this, Rahul Gandhi also took photographs with many female constables. Not only this, the District President of Sikar was given a chance to speak from the stage at the meeting venue. He said that Congress not only says but also shows by doing. Congress keeps women at the forefront.

Entry of a big leader in Maharani after years
According to the information, no big leader has reached Maharani College after 2014. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and former CM Vasundhara Raje also visited this college many years ago.

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