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Rajasthan Assembly Election 2023 Ashok Gehlot Declares Himself CM Face Before Congress Leadership Declaration

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Ashok Gehlot on Rajasthan Congress CM Face: Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot is called a magician in real life as well as in politics. He knows under which strategy Congress will listen to him and do what he wants. An example of this was also seen by the party high command, when Ashok Gehlot declared himself the next Chief Minister face even before the Congress took the decision.

Actually, Ashok Gehlot has been continuously saying that he does not want to remain the CM, but this time he said the same thing in such a way that even the Congress leadership kept watching. The people of Rajasthan are very curious to know that if Congress comes back in Rajasthan, then who will be the CM face? Now Ashok Gehlot has given the final answer on his behalf without the consent of the party. He said that he does not want to become the Chief Minister, but this chair is not ready to leave him and will not leave him. Whereas the party has not yet declared him as the CM contender.

Ashok Gehlot wants to put pressure on the party?
It is seen from this statement of Ashok Gehlot that he is trying to put pressure on the party high command and wants to tell that if he does not become the CM after winning the elections, then the party may suffer huge losses.

Why is Ashok Gehlot’s ‘magic’ famous in politics?
This magic of Ashok Gehlot has been discussed everywhere for a long time. He says that there is a lot of love between him and Sachin Pilot, but then a lot is revealed through the decisions they take. Sachin Pilot was the party state president in the 2018 elections. In such a situation, everyone felt that he would become the Chief Minister but Ashok Gehlot’s magic worked and he sat on the CM’s chair.

At the same time, when the National President of Congress was being elected, Ashok Gehlot’s name was in the forefront, but he did not want to leave the chair of Rajasthan Chief Minister. In such a situation, he cast a spell on the party high command and politely rejected the post of president. At the same time, Sachin Pilot was also never allowed to advance as Chief Minister contender.

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