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Rajasthan Election 2023: When will Congress release the list of candidates in Rajasthan? CM Ashok Gehlot indicated

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ANI, New Delhi. Rajasthan Assembly Election 2023: The dates of Rajasthan Assembly elections have been announced. Voting will be held in the state on November 23. Political parties have also intensified their preparations. In this series, BJP released the first list of 41 candidates on Monday, October 9. Now questions are being raised as to when Congress will release its list.

‘Candidates will be discussed in the CEC meeting’

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot (Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot) When asked when Congress will release its list, he said that we have started the process. Only when the CEC meeting starts on October 18 will we be able to finalize the list of candidates.

‘Whenever I come to Delhi, I meet Sonia Gandhi’

On his meeting with Congress Parliamentary Party President Sonia Gandhi, Gehlot said that whenever I come to Delhi, I definitely meet Sonia Gandhi. As far as elections are concerned, there are beneficiaries of our scheme in every house from village to city.

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‘Given relief to the public from inflation’

Gehlot said that we have tried to provide some relief to the people of Rajasthan from inflation. The feedback we are getting from the villages is very good.

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This appeal was made to the public

The Chief Minister of Rajasthan said that due to our good governance, we appeal to the people of the state to bring Congress back to power. He said that many schemes will be stopped as soon as the government changes.

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