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Ramesh Bidhuri Objectionable Remarks Amroha BSP MP Kunwar Danish Ali Attacks On BJP MP And Pm Narendra Modi ANN

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UP News: The case of BJP MP from Delhi Ramesh Bidhuri abusing Bahujan Samaj Party MP from Amroha, Uttar Pradesh, Kanwar Danish Ali in the Lok Sabha is currently pending. Doesn’t seem to be cooling down. Now Danish Ali has given a controversial statement regarding this matter. He said that if I had also removed the shoe and hit him, the matter would have been even. Today BJP people cannot raise their faces in front of the country and the world.

Danish Ali further said, “If I have called the Prime Minister despicable, then I am challenging him to bring some proof. BJP people give hate speeches every day and spread hatred. They make the victims accused and send them to jail. Today He has proved it even on the floor of Parliament. Danish Ali said this while giving a speech among his supporters in Amroha.

BSP MP has also written a letter to PM Modi

It is noteworthy that two days ago, Danish Ali had written a letter to PM Modi requesting that accountability and punishment should be ensured in the case of derogatory remarks made against him by BJP Lok Sabha member Ramesh Bidhuri so that such incidents do not happen in the House in future. . Citing the ‘threats’ he received, Ali also demanded strong security arrangements for himself. He also urged the PM to make an appeal to remind him of the importance of maintaining the highest standards of decorum and conduct within the House. At present, controversy is going on over this entire matter for the last few days.

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