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Ramesh Bidhuri Objectionable Remarks BJP Leader Nishikant Dubey Said Danish Ali Provoked Bidhuri And Commented On PM Modi

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Ramesh Bidhuri Remark: The controversy over BJP MP Ramesh Bidhuri’s objectionable remarks on Danish Ali is deepening. Regarding this matter, now BJP MP Nishikant Dubey condemned Bidhuri’s statement and accused Danish Ali of provoking Ramesh Bidhuri. He also claimed that Danish Ali had abused PM Modi.

Opposition MPs have demanded action from the Lok Sabha Speaker in the case of ‘breach of privilege’ against Ramesh Bidhuri. Meanwhile, Nishikant Dubey has written a letter to Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla, terming the behavior of BSP MP Danish Ali and many other opposition MPs as wrong during the discussion on September 21, demanding the formation of an ‘investigation committee’ to investigate the entire matter. .

Nishikant Dubey told what happened in the house

According to IANS, in a letter written to Speaker Birla, Nishikant Dubey, while mentioning the entire incident, has written that whatever Ramesh Bidhuri said that day was condemnable, but the fact is that during Bidhuri’s entire speech that day, Danish Ali was continuously doing ‘running commentary’. They were also making indecent comments towards everyone with the aim of harassing and provoking Bidhuri. Due to which he loses his peace and composure and he is not able to express his views properly in the House.

“Made objectionable remarks on PM Modi”

Nishikant Dubey, in a letter to the Speaker, further alleged that Danish Ali was continuously trying to provoke Ramesh Bidhuri and made very objectionable and condemnable remarks against Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Hearing this, any patriotic public representative could lose his calm and fall into their trap and say something unpleasant and that is what happened that day.

Demanded to set up an inquiry committee

The BJP MP asked Lok Sabha Speaker Birla to form an ‘investigation committee’ to investigate the statements made by BSP MP Danish Ali and Trinamool Congress MP Saugata Roy as well as DMK MPs for using abusive language inside the House during the discussion in the House. ‘Requested to form.

“Danish Ali also used unforgivable words”

Arguing in favor of the formation of the inquiry committee, Dubey further wrote that the aspect of breach of privilege on which Danish Ali and some other Members of Parliament are being vocal cannot be invoked separately as it would be grave injustice because of the above. It is clear from the facts that during the discussion that day, not only Ramesh Bidhuri displayed inappropriate behaviour, but Danish Ali also used highly condemnable and unforgivable words to bring down the dignity of the House.

He wrote that apart from this, other members and parties have also made indecent comments against the ‘faith’ of another community. If Bidhuri has acted inappropriately, then in his view, other MPs including Danish Ali have also contributed to spreading enmity between communities. Therefore, I demand the Speaker to form an inquiry committee to investigate the statements and behavior of all these people.

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