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Ramesh Bidhuri Remark Bsp Mp Danish Ali Said This Will Not Help Indian To Be Biswa Guru Pm Modi Should Interv

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Ramesh Bidhuri Objectionable Remarks: There is an uproar over the use of abusive language by BJP MP from South Delhi Ramesh Bidhuri against Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) MP Danish Ali during a discussion in the new Parliament House. BJP has issued a show cause notice to Bidhuri. Has asked why the party should not take action against him because of his such statement?

Hurt by the use of abusive language against him, Danish Ali said while talking to India Today, “This kind of behavior in parliamentary democracy will not fulfill the dream of making India a world leader. Stop cultivating such hatred. PM Modi across the world They go and talk with great respect. By such words, by cultivating this kind of hatred, the dream of making India a world leader will not be fulfilled. You have seen the presence of a minority community in the Parliament of India, which is called the Mother of Democracy. Not only has the member been insulted, but the entire country has been embarrassed.”

Letter written to Lok Sabha Speaker, demanding suspension
Danish told that he has written a letter to Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla against Ramesh Bidhuri. Danish said that PM Narendra Modi talks about new India. Is this the new India where abusive words will be used like this inside the Parliament?

He has written a letter to the Lok Sabha Speaker against Bidhuri. Bidhuri has threatened to see him, so he is scared. He wants his safety to be ensured. Danish Ali said that many people have already been suspended from Parliament due to use of abusive words. In this case, at least suspension should be taken against Bidhuri.

‘PM Modi should intervene’

Danish Ali further said that earlier such words were used on the streets. Now it is happening in Parliament. The new Parliament building has definitely not been built for this.

Danish Ali directly demanded PM Modi’s intervention in the matter and said, “I have not been able to sleep at night after this incident. Earlier such things used to happen on the streets, now the same fire of hatred is burning in the premises of the Parliament House.” It has arrived. PM Modi will definitely have to take cognizance of it.”

What did Ramesh Bidhuri say?
On September 21, the last day of the special session of Parliament, the success of Chandrayaan-3 was being discussed in the Lok Sabha. At the same time, BJP MP from South Delhi Ramesh Bidhuri was speaking in the House regarding the contribution of PM Modi. Danish Ali disagreed with her statement, on which Bidhuri lost her temper and used abusive language. Its video is becoming quite viral on social media, which is being criticized all around. BJP has sent a show cause notice to Bidhuri.

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